Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

This has been the story of 2017, every time I seem to start making progress, I have to take a step back.

Yesterday, I got the running shoes that I originally wanted back at the end of August from Triathlon Sports up in Bangor. Something with a little more cush to them for the old bones – Hoka Bondi 5’s. I got to try on more than a few shoes, including the Bondi 5’s in 8.0 EE, but when it came right down to it Bondi 5 in 8.5 D’s felt the best and were bright enough to compete with the sunshine outside, so I got them.


Yeah about as cush as you can get. The Bandit 3’s will still be in the rotation, but more as a tempo or race day shoe (for now), because they are comfy and I run comfortably in them at faster for me speeds.

That is once I get this hip niggle taken care of.

Looking at my Strava running log for the past couple of weeks this niggle in my hip has really cramped my running style. 2017-10-07 08-33-20-983

However, I was feeling pretty good yesterday, so once I got the Bondi’s, I headed over to Bangor City Forest and planned on doing the 4.0 mile loop.

The Bondi’s performed exactly the way that I wanted for 2.2 miles, I even picked up the pace a little, just to see how they would do at little quicker speed.

No problems with the shoes.

Unfortunately, the hip wasn’t as good natured. I had run along at a faster pace for about a quarter mile on the trail and the hip started to tell me running faster wasn’t part of the deal today. So I slowed back down, but by that point the hip was unhappy and telling me what a jerk I was.

I coasted along hoping that it would loosen back up, but at 2.8 it told me in no uncertain terms that at 3.0 miles we were going to be done.

It wasn’t THAT bad and I could have kept running to finish off the 4.0, but at this point I am trying really hard to not piss the hip off too much and agreed that walking that last mile, was a better idea than pushing to run it.

This new me is taking some getting used to, I am not in the habit of stopping a run and listening to my body this closely. The old me would just go into suck it up buttercup mode and finish the run. Which would probably hurt more or create new issues for me.

Fortunately, the hip didn’t mind the walk and by the time I finished walking the mile back to the truck, it was feeling fine. A little sore, but no limping or gimping, which would have been the case if I had kept running.

It also gave me a chance to really check out the Bondi 5’s on the groomed trail and they did just fine. Another way that I have to find out if a pair of running shoes are too narrow is how they feel when I drive in them for a while. Well Bangor to home is almost an hour and half, during which the Bondi’s felt fine. None of that tight, numbness that a too narrow running shoe causes while driving.

So we will see how the hip feels today, it is a little sore, so it might mean another day off, but then again we will see how things feel after a walk with Bennie.

All I know is that while I haven’t had any major injuries this year, the niggles just seem to keep piling up and I gotta let them heal completely, before heading out the door to run again. So I guess 2.0 miles is about the limit for a while with the running, then doing 20-30 minutes on the elliptical before supper. When you add those in with all the walking, I suppose it is enough to keep me out of too much trouble.

But damn, I still want to run and start training again.

Patience grasshopper.