Upta Camp & Still Resting

Today, there is one less thing to worry about over in NH, the camp is now in good hands and its future will include kids playing, it being well-loved and used. I know that we will miss not having it in the family, but the memories remain.


Farewell, to the camp – this is the image I always think of when I think of it.

In Loving Memory of Phillip Lyle Dionne

Yes, it is bittersweet, but those are my memories of going up to camp, seeing the northern lights, talking about so many different things, wandering around on the trails and well just being a part of a family at camp.


Yeah, we will all miss the idea of being able to go “upta camp”, but it is now in Greg and Jesse’s family and they will make it what it should be again – a place for family to make great memories.

What is new with Running

Well there, I am almost done with my self-imposed full-week away from running!

No trying to get out the door to sneak in a 2-4 miles and then wonder why things still hurt. I have needed this for a while and am sure that not resting appropriately, with all the other stuff this summer contributed to an all over malaise that finally slowed me up with the right hip niggle.

I know that I probably could have gone out and run a couple of miles on Wednesday, but I needed the mental break from the pressure of “having to” get a run in more than getting that run in.

It is working.

Now it is getting so I want to run, not that I have to run. I am finding that there is a huge difference.

I might write a bit more about that after thinking about it a little more. Maybe I am just an old cracked runner who reads too much into things – we will see.

Even though I haven’t been running, I am still being active and getting in around 15,000 steps most day. Lots of Bennie walks, general activity and 20-25 minutes on the new Elliptical that Mary got for her birthday.

Speaking of that elliptical, it sure as hell kicks arse more than the ones that I use at the gym. Not sure why, but I work up a hell of sweat and get the old beater going pretty good without too much effort.

Today’s workout came after a two-mile walk with Bennie and then I did the elliptical Level 1 (varies between 1-7) for 20:00 minutes and covered 4.89 miles. Now if I could run that fast it would be pretty cool, but hopefully it will translate to my legs having a little better turnover back on the roads.

So a busy day, but a productive one.