Progress – RunLog 10/17/17

Hey, I ran two pretty much pain-free miles today – that is PROGRESS, which makes me happy.

The run itself was not anything special other than I did run and finished.

My run was all about focusing on keeping all the body parts moving in one direction – forward. Which for me is not all that easy.

Unfortunately, when I look at how I run there are a lot of form issues that undermine my running efficiency. I have a lot more in common with the letter “V”, than I do an “elite” runner’s form.

  • I typically have a heel first landing with an inverted “V” look, with my right foot/leg having a twist in it
  • Both feet splay out at almost a 45* angle – quack, quack, when I look back at my footprints they do pretty much resemble that “V” than a straight line.
  • Arms consistently cross over center and shoulders are not steady, but swing around as well.
  • Plus I recently remembered that I have a right leg that is a bit shorter than the left and I am probably badly out of alignment right now.

Probably some many of the reasons I am not an elite runner, well other than a small thing called the lack of talent and being a total head case.

These photos are screen grabs from 2015, but my form is about the same now as it was back then and my “GREAT” form probably has more than a little to do with some of the injuries and niggles that I seem to have as I get older and don’t have as much margin for error as I used to.

front view

When you add it all together, it is a very distinctive running style that other local runners seem to recognize pretty quickly as that old fart Harold running. 🙂

So I am not an efficient running machine by any stretch of the imagination and this is after purposely attempting to change my form from 2012 through 2014. Not really what you would expect from all that work is it?

Oh well, after looking at how poor my form really is and having what will probably be my worst month of running since June 2013, is the reason why I really think that working on my form aka working on running efficiently, will help me reduce the number of days lost to injuries or the excessive number of niggles that I seem to accumulate as I get older.

At least that is what I hope it does.

Thus the primary reasons for my choosing to move to Chi Running and its focus on form and gradually improving as you incorporate the ideas/lessons from that program’s format and philosophy.

We will see, but I am seeing some subtle changes as I focus on some of the things that I have I have been reading again in Chi Running.

Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Progress – RunLog 10/17/17

  1. oi. Nice progress and good thoughts about form. I just wonder, can you evaluate it best yourself, or would it help to have someone who knows what s/he’s doing watch you and give you recommendations? I had my coach do it in cross country, and it helped to have someone give me adjustments for my specific style, rather than just generally…

    1. At some point I will probably do a Chi Running clinic and get everything tweaked, but we are kind off the beaten path up heah and not that many happen that within reasonable driving distance, say 2-3 hours. It does help to have someone who hopefully knows what they are doing/talking about give pointers. 🙂

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