Ooops – RunLog 10-18-17

Ooops I ran faster than I wanted to.

Today was supposed to be an easier day, where I worked on my Cadence and Posture (that keeping everything going in the same direction kind of thing). Unfortunately, almost all of my previous training and how I have run for so long — is that faster cadence means faster running.

Now that is not how Chi Running does it – the cadence is supposed stay about the same (that magic 180 SPM) and you change your lean and stride length to “Shift gears” i.e. go faster or slower. Well guess what, I ain’t got that part down too good yet.

A 180 SPM in my present body’s mind is about an 8:00 minute pace, so an average of 175 SPM, should work out to about an 8:10 pace, guess what I ran as an average pace for 2.0 miles today with an average of 175 SPM.

Drumroll please…8:10 average pace.

Do I know my body or what?

Change is going to be hard on this cadence thing – me thinks.

Yep, no wonder I was breathing so damn hard after four weeks of very little running.

Oh well.

I had planned on using the metronome feature of the Chi Running App, I had everything setup and started the program when I started running. While the App started just fine, the metronome wasn’t working?

There was no annoying as hell… beep, beep, beep regularly going off in my ears


I couldn’t get it to work the entire run and once I got going I really didn’t want to frig around with it, so I did my best guess on what I thought was 180 SPM, I came pretty close too. However, this guessing stuff, didn’t give me the feedback I needed and instead of switching gears, I just ran faster to get close to 180.

Well it is good to know that I still have an 8:00 minute pace left in the old body, but that was not the plan for today. Oh well, I will work on running slower at 180 SPM tomorrow. I really think that learning thing by doing is the only way I actually get it, but it does mean that there will be some SNAFU’s along the way.

Oh yeah, I did figure out why the App’s metronome was not working. The volume was all the way down to “Do Not Disturb”, the setting that I keep my phone on 90% of the time and I had forgotten to turn-up the sound setting.


Sometimes I really wonder about you Harold.

For those of you have read this far, owning your own home in the country has a certain unsavory side to it.


About every 6-8 years we have to replace our septic system pump and well today was that day, always a fun time at the Shaw residence. Actually we knew it was going back in June, (we have been a bit busy), but were able to nurse it along by us plugging the pump into an extension cord to a non-GFI plug, so it wouldn’t keep tripping the GFI since there was some kind of an issue with the pump.

However, we wanted to get it replaced before the snows get here.

It is a lot easier to dig it out now in shorts and t-shirt, than in January at 20*F with snow, wind and freezing your arse off, along with having an emergency repair surcharge for after hours work, because you have bubbling crude in your back yard.

Been there done that the first time the pump went in December of 2001 and I didn’t pay enough attention to the pump earlier in the fall. I know that I had certain words for the stupid jackass that didn’t get it fixed before that (that person being me).

Pricey, but cheaper than the alternative in time, hassle and money.

Hopefully, it is good to go and we won’t have any issues for another 8-10 years, but with our luck 6 years seems to be about all we get out of a pump. I guess we use the damn thing too much or I am too full of shite.  hehehee