Blogging Anniversary – Missed

I missed a very important anniversary in the annals of my blogging career.

Ten years ago on October 21, 2007 –  I published my first ever blog post.

It was really riveting stuff – about two paragraphs and had me wondering what the hell I was going to use or do with this blogging thing.

I just want to talk a bit about how difficult it is to teach in today’s world. How do you decide how to teach with Blogs, Wikki,  OpenSource,  Proprietary,  Google, FaceBook,  YouTubeTeacherTube and everything else that is out there to “help” you teach. All these things that I am just starting to see, but not yet use in the classroom. I am willing to start, but am feeling very overwhelmed.

Technology is not new to me, I have been using computers since the old Vic 20 with a cassette tape as an OS, but I am a bit intimidated about using all these web based applications to “assist” me in my classroom teaching.

If anyone out there can assuage my uncertainty or give me some helpful hints to help me be successful 😉


Lke I said riveting stuff, but that is where I started. There are not too many people out there that read that post that day – well maybe Craig Suttie, but he is about the only one.

Actually that was a pretty significant milestone for me – who would have thought that I would keep writing posts for the next 10 years.

Screenshot-2017-10-23 One Foot In Reality
One Foot In Reality – My most successful blog.

My career as a blogger had very humble beginnings, to getting heavily involved in the Edublogging world (Education), then after I left teaching searching for a new focus for the blog I tried a few thing, but eventually settled into the space where I am primarily still writing – the RunBlogging world.

Hard to believe, but I have been writing about my running since 2011 – a long time to write about something that I am not really all that good at – so I guess the joke is on me. 🙂

The thing that stands out the most for me about my blogging is the people who I have had the opportunity to meet in person as a result of my blogging. Richard, Sam, Michelle, Amanda and all the others that have crossed my path that would not have if I had not been a blogger.

Then there are the ones that I may never meet in person, but feel as though I have gotten to know them a bit through our online lives: Mike, Andy, Graham, Nick, Mike S and more than a few others.

Over the years, I have varying degrees of success in my writing and blogging. Some posts were read by thousands of readers and other by just a handful. Either way I think that I really enjoyed the writing process more than actually publishing my work. I never was much for comprehensive proofreading and wrote/write pretty much how I talk.

My style of writing was not and is not for everyone, but…well that is its own story. 🙂

I was lucky and for a time from 2012 to 2014, I did a bit of professional blogging and started a little online marketing business, which taught me a lot and showed me the other side of blogging – the one beyond personal blogging. It is not the world that I would want to re-enter – I don’t have the personality for that kind of work and got out before I burnt out and quit blogging all together. To be honest, I came very close in 2014 to shutting everything down and moving on.

I am glad that I didn’t.

So I retreated back to blogging for me, back in 2014 and am much more comfortable with what I write about now, compared to the glory years.

Unfortunately, my blogging career also reflects many aspects of my ADHD influenced personality all too well (think it, do it and not think about what I am doing, before doing it, oh shit it is done and what have I done) and I bounced from blog host to blog host. Starting with Blogger,,, to self-hosted blogs a couple of times, then back and forth between Blogger and multiple times.

Over those 10 years I have had several blogs:

  • My Thoughts
  • Aging Reluctantly
  • One Foot In Reality – Probably my most successful blog.
  • Aging Runnah
  • A Veteran Runnah
  • Mr. Shaw’s Blog

There were a bunch more, but these are the ones that I remember most.

Now I have finally settled down and plan to stick with for the foreseeable future here at my newest blog named Aging Runnah – although the URL is my name, not the name of the blog. That way when/if I change the focus of the blog down the road, I don’t have to go out and get yet another new blog and starting over for the bizillionth time.

After all I do have to plan for that day when my ADHD kicks in full throttle and I decide suddenly that I no longer want to write about my wonderful running exploits. At least I will probably keep my present blog, just change the name, write some lame post about how I need to change and then a few weeks later, regret what I did and get my arse back to writing about my running again – at least I will have my old blog to go back to.

See how that stuff actually works in my hackneyed mind.

When I think back on the ten years that I have been blogging, I wonder what would have happened if I had stuck with one blog host or the other like some contemporaries out there that did, but I didn’t so that is water under the bridge.

Right now I am content with where I am as a blogger and the direction I hope I am going. Although I do wonder what I will be writing about over the next 10 years.

I really hope that is still mostly about an old fart’s cockeyed attempts to keep running and poking fun at myself, when I do stoopid stuff.

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read what I have written over the years and a special thank you to those of you who have followed me through all the changes, different blogs, focuses and all the other crap I put you through to keep reading the drivel that I tap out most of the time.

Thank you everyone, I do appreciate you more than you know.

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