Progress – Week In Review 10/22/17

Last week was all about Progress. Not any earth shattering things, more the making small steps that will hopefully become the building blocks for better things as I move forward.

Bennie riding in the truck with on our flip-flop trip to NH this week

I have started using the Chi Running program to see if I can clean up my running mechanics a bit. You can read more about why I chose Chi Running over other running improvement program in my blog post Why Chi Running?.

Although I do not have any doubts that making changes to my running mechanics after so many years will be difficult, it is something that I am pretty sure I have to do if I want to keep running for the long-term. There will be a blog post about my initial thoughts on using the Chi Running method/program later this week. Some has been good and other parts need a lot of work.

I was able to run 5 days this week, the distances were only 1-2 miles at a time, but it was running.

Screenshot-2017-10-23 Harold RunLog 1-1-2017 xlsx

Unfortunately, the right hip is still angry about things and letting me know that 2.0 miles is just about enough. I am chomping at the bit to do more, but with the changes I am making, well attempting to make and the hip still barking at me I am not going to be Harold the Destroyer and break me yet again.

Surprisingly, I am loving my Newton Kismet 2’s, they are a running shoe that I did not expect to really like as much as I do. I got them as a change of pace/tweak my running sort of shoe, but since I have started using the Chi Running method they really run well for me.


The Bondi 5’s are a bit bulky feeling for this running style, so while I am re-training things I have put them away for a while. Once I get things adjusted and start to increase my mileage again, I have a feeling they will be just fine for recovery days and easy long runs – but the Kismets will get most of the running for a while – I have a feeling.

We are loving the new to us Ford Transit Connect, it rides well, drives nicely and generally has good manners on the road, as long as you don’t try to drag race with it or go off-road – it is what we were looking for.


Over the winter we will have a chance to figure out how and what needs to be done for us to use it for traveling with it next summer. More on that as we start to figure what we are going to do.

SD2 is closing on her house this week and we have been in the move as much stuff out there as we can mode, to prepare to get her into her temporary apartment. So that also means that the back of the garage become a storage area again. Oh well, at least we have gotten rid of a LOT of stuff and when she get her house built all that stuff will be gone too.

So things are still on screech.

I had to reschedule my semi-annual physical yet again, just due to too much stuff going on. Hopefully, by the time December 12th rolls around things will have calmed down enough that I can actually go to the appointment and possibly have time to let the body relax a bit before it happens. The past 5-6 months have been stressful and I know that I have eaten at McDonald’s more in that time than I have in the last 10 years. I just want to get back to eating better, exercising more regularly and not be on screech mode all the time.


Not much has really changed, but hopefully the house in Lancaster will have a new owner sometime in early November.

Well this week has started, so let’s see what adventures will be had.


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