Raining – RunLog 10-26-17

So today, when I started my run in the rain, the old body was pretty much resembling 2×4’s and not really interested in doing this running thing.


What did you do Harold?

Well, the last couple of days have been a blur to say the least!

SD2 sold her house and was closing today, so Tuesday and Wednesday were moving days. I don’t care what people say, moving days are tough even if you are not the one moving and just helping out. All I know is that I have plenty of sore as hell muscles, more than a few bruises from various objects wacking the hell out of the body. When you add in various shades of downpour throughout the entire move.

We got her moved and into a different place – I just didn’t have anything left to go ahead run in addition to all the work I did moving yesterday and took the day off. This morning I woke up and it felt as though my shoulders and legs had been beaten with a baseball bat. Yeah, this runner is not all that good lifting stuff and carrying stuff up and down stairs.

I am in shape for running, but not for other stuff – the story of being a wimpy-arse runnah. 😉


Back to today’s run.

I kept going and since I am purposely attempting to run slower, but maintain the higher cadence, it wasn’t horrible, but certainly not comfortable. About halfway up the hill the metronome suddenly turned off and I had to stop and figure out what happened. Not sure, but my phone has been screwing up the last couple of days, so I am going to reset it back factory specs tonight and then reload what I really use for apps.

Get to the run…

So I got the metronome working again and instead of purposely running slower, I just ran and automatically picked up the pace to my normal running, while trying to focus on maintaining that 180 SPM cadence and keeping the body moving in the same direction — especially my feet.


If you look closely you can see the footprint in the mud that I made during the last 200 yards of the run and it is about as straight ahead as my right foot is going to get. So that made me feel pretty good about that.

However, the run itself just never felt comfortable. I couldn’t find a good stride that synced up with the cadence I was looking for – everything felt forced. The only good thing was that my right hip/leg didn’t seize up like it did on Tuesday and bark at me. Unfortunately, it still didn’t feel good enough to even think about going beyond 2.0 miles.

The good part – I got in 2.0 miles. 🙂

Things are still not where I want with the right hip/leg, but they are getting better and I think if I didn’t abuse it quite as much with things like helping move, it would have been a lot better today.

The other thing is that while waiting at the Ford Dealership while getting some work done on Clifford-The Big Red Van, I read about half of Chi Marathon and a LOT of what is presented in Chi Running is re-explained in a slightly different way, but it is in a way that I seem to understand a little better and hopefully will be able to put the theories that I am reading about into practice.

So while, today’s run was not all that great, it was still a pretty good run and better than not being able to run at all. I am making progress  with Chi Running and am a work in progress, but getting this right leg to actually be straight and not feel as though someone is constantly twisting it and the amount of discomfort that it does bring to the table, will be nice.

We did get a walk in between showers in Waterville along the Messalonskee Stream Trail behind the Alfond Center. We wanted to walk on a path, but with all the rain, didn’t want to do a dirt trail so this was a nice compromise and it was pretty along the stream.


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