Surprise Surprise Surprise – RunLog 10-28-17

To quote Gomer Pyle, USMC

I guess Surprise, Surprise, Surprise is the best way to describe today’s run.

Remember in yesterday’s post, I talked about how my right leg seemed to release some scar tissue in the quad area. Well today I was able to walk with my right foot “straighter” without feeling that impingement in the outside of the leg for the first time in probably 7-8 years and not have to constantly “think” about twisting the leg to keep the foot straight. It doesn’t mean everything is great, but it sure as hell felt like huge progress.

Also we did the Lancaster, NH flip flop – that drive over in the morning, do some stuff around the house and drive back in the afternoon. Pretty much 6-7 hours of sitting in the Transit. A long day needless to say. It also meant that we got back after dark.

Okay enough crap…

Let’s talk about the run.

It was dark when I started, so that definitely means no headphones, which in turn means no metronome – I refuse to have added noise around me when I am running outside, on the road, after dark. It is simply a safety issue to do it.

I also had to find new batteries for my running flashlight – I haven’t run outside at night in probably a year or two. I want to see and be seen and with that flashlight there is no doubt about either – as some arsehole found out too when they refused to put their beams back down to low beams – they put them back down when I put that flashlight on them. They probably called me every name in the book, but I couldn’t see too much at that point when they blinded me.

The joys of running in the dark.

It was a bit weird to be running without the metronome though, I didn’t realize how much I had come to rely on it to keep up my cadence. Weird how we adapt so quickly to using something as part of our running. So I started off at what I thought was a fairly quick pace and after the first quarter mile I realized something.

I wasn’t thinking about how I was running – I was just running. The other thing was that my right hip was not getting in the way of my running.

Can you believe it I was just able to freaking run!!!

It has been a while since I could say that. No aches, pains or distractions from running for almost the entire first mile!!!

Other than having to get off the road for the two cars coming in opposite directions, I felt as though I was flying – although the Garmin told me I was full of shite.

The second mile still felt really good, but I could feel just a bit of the hip, nothing serious, but just enough to stop me from saying nothing was wrong. I didn’t really feel as though I was slowing down all that much, the pacing according to the GPS was all over the place and yes I had to stop, get in the ditch to let a couple of cars go by. I prefer to have my time all messes up than to play chicken with two trucks after dark.

I believe that running in the dark, does through off your feeling for the actual pace you are running and that you feel faster running in the dark, even though you really are running a lot slower.

I will take it though, after a month or more of whining, pissing and moaning about that damn right hip of mine — to actually be able to run again is some pretty cool stuff.

Now to see how it feels in the morning.

I do think that I will probably run at least a couple of times a week without the metronome, just so I can relax and enjoy my running. With the metronome I have to focus so much on how I am running in order to keep up with it, without it I just run.

Oh well, I am just happy that I finally had a run where I just ran!

Can’t you tell.

It was even a little more than 2.0 miles, I could have made it to 3.0 without any issues, but I am trying to stay conservative and not get too far ahead of myself too soon. If I feel good and there are no hiccups with the hip, I might attempt a slower 3.0 miler without the metronome on Monday. Tomorrow will only be 2.0 – well unless I am feeling amazing.


Coming back from NH, guess what we saw around Mt. Washington


That white stuff will be here before we know it.

2 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise Surprise – RunLog 10-28-17

  1. Funny – when I saw the title all I could think was Jim Nabors. Such a generational thing – my kids have no real idea about that stuff, and they are film students! I remember several years ago Jim Nabors singing Christmas songs came on while we were decorating, and I had to show them some McHale’s Navy, hard to believe it is the same guy!

    Ok, enough of that tangent! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So glad you could just run – hope today things feel good, and also that you take it easy to allow rest and recovery! Hopeful for this being an indicator of better runs ahead!

    1. Yeah, I remember watching Gomer Pyle USMC with my grandfather the first time Gomer sang for real and was just awed by his voice, even coming from the tinny old 19 inch RCA with rabbit ear antenna. My grandfather had tears coming down his cheeks and I didn’t see him cry very often. Nobody in the house could believe that it was Gomer singing and we all thought it was a voice over, until a few weeks later he sang on one of the variety shows – I think it was his version of the Impossible Dream. Wow you are bring back some memories. ๐Ÿ™‚

      It is feeling decent today, not back to where I want the hip to be but a lot closer than it was. Today will be a nice 2.0 in the rain.

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