Learning A LOT – Week In Review 10-29-17

Well another week of low mileage running, but with a lot of progress being made – at least I hope that is the direction I am headed.

Favorite Photo of the Week

Bennie looks pretty comfortable

I have been reading Chi Marathon as a part of my re-introduction to Chi Running and found that it is helping me understand what I am supposed to be doing better than the Chi Running book does. I am not sure of the differences, but it seems like it lays out the principles of Chi Running in a more practical manner that I relate better to. It also shows me how I would incorporate this style of running into my training – well when I start in again.

However, every so often I still find myself wandering down other rabbit holes about all the  other different running form programs – more because I want to see what the major differences are between them and Chi Running than I want to use something else.

What I am finding is that most running form change programs seem to share many of the same major attributes. The biggest differences are how they use different terminology to describe similar actions to be performed or use slightly different warm-up, cool-down activities and drills to reinforce the changes they promise to bring to you. Continue reading “Learning A LOT – Week In Review 10-29-17”