Learning A LOT – Week In Review 10-29-17

Well another week of low mileage running, but with a lot of progress being made – at least I hope that is the direction I am headed.

Favorite Photo of the Week

Bennie looks pretty comfortable

I have been reading Chi Marathon as a part of my re-introduction to Chi Running and found that it is helping me understand what I am supposed to be doing better than the Chi Running book does. I am not sure of the differences, but it seems like it lays out the principles of Chi Running in a more practical manner that I relate better to. It also shows me how I would incorporate this style of running into my training – well when I start in again.

However, every so often I still find myself wandering down other rabbit holes about all the  other different running form programs – more because I want to see what the major differences are between them and Chi Running than I want to use something else.

What I am finding is that most running form change programs seem to share many of the same major attributes. The biggest differences are how they use different terminology to describe similar actions to be performed or use slightly different warm-up, cool-down activities and drills to reinforce the changes they promise to bring to you.

That kind of stuff (for me at least) only confuses things and gets me into “well if I incorporate this …” and it muddies up the entire process of me improving my running efficiency. When I overthink the process by combining, adding in different ideas, philosophies and activities, it really is making things worse, not better. Especially, when following the tenants of one program would be much more productive.

I think that is why in the past I have had so many issues in my attempts to improve my efficiency, let’s get real my training regimens, my wonderfully ADHD brain doesn’t stick with one thing long enough for it to make a the difference I am looking for.

At least I am starting to recognize, what I am doing – now to do something about it.

Which means that I need to focus on the way Chi Running does things for a lot longer. That way the changes are not a moving target and if I stick with it, will become an intuitive part of my running. Versus my usual always changing things up to the next “new” or “best” way to change my running form and eventually reverting back to how I always run without realizing that I have done that until I see a photo or video of me running.

That old reliable jarring impact on each stride type of straight legged, heel first, backwards leaning form of mine that has led to more than its share of injuries. Which I believe are a result my old style of running.

I did get to double-digits for the week!!!!

Screenshot-2017-10-29 Harold RunLog 1-1-2017 xlsx

Hurray, yippee, kiay.

It is pretty telling about how my running has been. When I am cheering about double-digits in terms of running and it is for the entire week, not a single long run. Earlier in the week, the right hip was still a little uncomfortable to run on, but allowed me to get a couple of miles in before it started to complain too much.

On Friday, it felt as though my quad got rid of some scar-tissue that has been in there for several years and impinged on the leg whenever I attempted to keep that leg straight and not walk with a splayed-out foot. This release has allowed me to walk with my leg straight without discomfort for the first time in years.

The right hip area still has a bit of achiness (tightness), but that is getting better – finally.

I think what was going on was probably a bout of bursitis in the right hip, which is something that I have endured every so often over the years.

With Chi Running’s focus on getting all the body parts moving in the same direction and in alignment, just in a short time, I think some of the changes have helped already with some of the other aches and pains that I usually have in my body.

Also I have been using a soft splint on my right foot Tailor’s Bunionette and it is pushing my little toe out away from the 4th toe and pushing the bunionette inwards, while providing some cushioning between it and the shoe.


My right foot is feeling the best it has in a long time since I started using them. While I can’t wear the splint all the time before it starts to bother (it takes some time to get used to wearing them), I have worn it a lot and it is making a big difference in how comfortable I am while running and walking.

With the small amount of time I have had running in October, it seems to have had a positive effect on my Achilles Tendon and hamstring issues as well. So while I am not all that pleased with all the down-time, the body was telling me it was time for a break.

The Newton Kismet 2’s have become my primary shoes. The Newton design assists me in noticing whether I am walking with my feet pointed forward or if they are splayed and I can correct it quickly when I am not. They are comfortable and just seem to be working the way I need my shoes to. I can’t say a lot else about them.

I didn’t wear any other shoes to run in this week.

Overall, it was a better week than I have had in a while and hopefully I am now on the other side of whatever was going on with the right hip and can SLOWLY get back to training for whatever comes next.

I am still probably 1-2 weeks away from starting base training. I want to be running 3-4 miles daily – pain-free before I get back into training mode.


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