Power Is Back – RunLog 11-2-17

The past few days have been inconvenienced by the lack of electricity. No safety issues or anything, it was more a pain in the arse than anything. When we looked on CMP’s site yesterday, it said that we probably wouldn’t get power back until Saturday and that was Wednesday.


Since our generator was one that should have been…well let’s just say it worked for about 45 minutes on Monday and then it leaked out the oil and seized up before I realized what was going. Then after it shut itself down, the gas started leaking like a sieve – not a good combo, hot metal and gasoline. So it was a good thing that the engine seized up, instead starting a fire beside the house. Oh well.

On Wednesday, after we found out that we probably wouldn’t have power for another 3-4 days, I started looking around for a generator – needless to say none were in stock (not with almost everyone having no power in the area). A friend had one down in her basement, but it turned out that it wasn’t safe to use either. Luckily another friend had one that he generously offered to let us use.


It worked fantastically!!!!

Before we got the generator, we had pretty much resigned ourselves to losing the freezer and refrigerator contents. With the generator we able to save the contents of the freezer, but some of the refrigerator stuff didn’t make it – no big deal.

One thing that did amaze me was that how much of a difference having that single light in the living room made to just making it through the nights.

Thank you again Bill, for making life a lot more bearable with the loan of your generator.

We will get a new generator for the next time, when they become available over the next couple of weeks. For the seventeen years I have lived here, I never really felt the need to have a generator, but after this most recent experience, we have learned how much of a difference in the quality of life during a power outage they make. It just seems that the multi-day power outages are becoming more frequent or I am becoming less tolerant of them.

The one thing that stands out for me is not so much that we didn’t have electricity, it was more the mental drain that it caused us this time. It is not the physical part of things (where to go to bathroom, washing your hands, cooking, dealing with things after dark or all that kind of stuff, it is the mental part – we just got tired of dealing with everything. The not being able to live life they way that you are accustomed takes something out of you. Even if it was only for a very short time.

We were without power for only a few days, so we very lucky and if it had been longer, I would have been doing things a little differently and get ready for longer term solutions.

Well enough about no power.

I did run every day that we didn’t have power. It was a necessary thing to help with some of the stress that we encountered. The biggest thing about the time without electricity is that I didn’t have too many distractions and I was able to read the Chi Marathon book all the way through, then go back and highlight/re-read sections to get a better handle on how I will incorporate Chi Running into Harold’s running.

After all my reading, re-reading and thinking about what I need to do, it came down to the simple fact that I was attempting to do too much too soon, make too many changes at the same time and then that sabotages my efforts to make the changes that I know need to be made.

So this week I have backed off and focused on just doing two things:

  1. Posture/alignment – get everything moving in the same direction – which is the hardest thing for me with all the assorted injuries (running and non-running) and poor form issues I have added to my running over the years.
  2. Upper body – I felt the most comfortable with this, it was more of a tweaking than overhaul and it would allow me to focus on the alignment issues that I have.

The other thing is that I have been able to run without discomfort (more of an awareness of it not being quite right – a tightness) in my right hip than anything else. However, I honestly believe that a lot of that tight feeling was attempting to correct the huge splay foot that I have had in my right foot/leg for years. It is working and I did find a tidbit in the Chi Marathon book about manually moving your foot in to the correct alignment.

I have been doing this whenever I walk and have a Bennie stop or at other times that I recognize I am splaying out my right foot.

So I was able to get over 3.0 miles a day Monday through Thursday. The biggest thing is that the more I focus on the alignment, the easier it is to just run. I found that maintaining a 8:30 or so pace is being done with a lot less effort than it did in recent memory.

Getting back to the basics is very important for me, especially if I want to be successful in the changes that I know that I need to make.

I feel as though I am headed in the correct direction and can feel some positive results already. However, I need to go slow, allow myself the time I need to incorporate the changes to being a part of Harold’s running – not just more Chi Running ideas that sound nice in theory and stay a part of the book not a part of my running.

Go slowly and choose wisely grasshopper.



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