A Normal Day – Finally — RunLog 11/3/17

No sounds of generators in the background, just a pretty normal day in the neighborhood. Nice and boring – there is a lot to be said for that.


A little rain, but still over 60*F, so I got to run in shorts and a t-shirt, which I am not used to in November, but at the same time I am not really complaining all that much. Since I missed so much of September/October, getting a little extra time to run in great weather has been nice. Though of course I could have done without the “bomb cyclone” busting through on Monday!

Today’s run was about getting a little more distance than just 3.0 miles I have been doing all week. I am still focusing on keeping the body aligned and all the moving parts heading in the same direction – forward.

How did I do?

The old right splay foot is a lot straighter, when I looked at its tracks in the mud coming back, they showed me that my foot landing was a LOT better than it has been, but has a little more to go before it is actually straight.

However, that to me is HUGE progress and with the Kismet’s they are really providing me the feedback I need to keep both feet more aligned and moving forward not sideways. The tracks in the mud don’t lie – unfortunately, I didn’t stop and take photos to show how far I have come lately.


Of all people I know there are no miracles cures to an old runnah’s aches and pains. However, since I have really focused on aligning the body parts while walking and running, to move closer to forward that I have run paces with a little less effort and many of those old aches and pains that I know on a daily basis, seem to be barking at me a lot less.

It would be nice run mostly pain and/or discomfort-free for a long period of time. I do dream about running that way, but it has been many years since it was a reality.

I am ever hopeful.

I ran down to Wildwood and the first couple of miles were both in the 8:20 range (not bad for an easy training run). On the way back, the lack of miles and head wind did catch up with me a little and I slowed down to the 8:50’s. Still a lot better than sitting on the couch eating bonbons.

While running towards Wildwood I really, really contemplated going to Augusta and doing the 5K over there tomorrow. I won’t – coming back brought back a dose of reality – it would be a big mistake to race right now, but to even think about doing it is a pretty big deal. Especially, when a couple of weeks ago I was happy about being able to run double-digit total for the week.


Before starting today, I had given myself permission to stop at the lower gate on the way back, unless I was feeling fabulous. While I wasn’t feeling bad and NOTHING hurt, I couldn’t see letting my pace and cadence drop way down to almost walking going up Stevens Hill and stopped at the Lower Gate. Yeah, I could have gone struggled up the hill, but I wanted to end the run on a good note and did.

3.5 miles in 30:12 is good enough. A little longer than I have been doing and at a decent pace that didn’t feel like it was all that hard.

At this point my running is not about struggling or pushing, it is all about getting out there, running comfortably and finishing runs feeling good physically. Which leads to positive vibes on the mental front too – which I need more of moving forward after such a crappy fall running season.

I accomplished all those things today.

Another good day of running in the book.