Busy Day – Great Run – RunLog 11-4-17

Busy Day – yeah the title says a lot about the day today.

Returned borrowed generator and say thank you to Bill several more times!!! However, I forgot the instruction manual, which meant that I had to make another trip over to Augusta later in the day. But I didn’t mind, because this afternoon I got to talk with one of my favorite people (yeah you MaryAlice) and then go for a run on the Rail Trail (more on that in a minute).

After returning the generator we hightailed it to Waterville’s Verizon store (I dislike the Augusta store from several visits there in the past – it just seemed too clinical – too I don’t know, but the user experience from my perspective was lacking), whereas in Waterville the CSR’s just seem to be there to help you navigate the myriad of crap you go through to get to where you walk out the door with a new phone and the store while smaller is more welcoming.

SD2 broke her phone this week and we decided that I would go ahead and get a new phone and giver her my Kyocera Milspec level phone – that I really liked and are hard to kill – I tried more than once and couldn’t do it. So it seemed like a good fit for SD2.

What did I get, they didn’t have another one in stock and I had to get it today, so I decided to go with an Apple iPhone 7 – yeah me back in an iPhone. I have had three of them, but have been in the Android world for the past couple and was pretty happy.

So it was time to check out the Dark side (according to some) and see what improvements that Apple has made in the phones and IOS (after all as a techy kind of nerdy guy I need to stay somewhat current). No I didn’t want to pay the big bucks for an iPhone X or even an 8 – plus I know that the 7 is better than anything that I will need for how I use my cell phone.

I got the iPhone because I know the camera is a superior one and below is my first photo – of Bennie of course.


The photo quality is pretty amazing to me.

More to come on transitioning back to an iPhone from Android over the next week or so. It should be easy, but I will say there is a bit of a re-learning curve and some the changes that I noticed right away are pretty positive from my perspective. Surprisingly, I did remember my Apple password from a couple of years ago. Stranger things indeed – may it was time to come back to Apple?

Oh well, enough about my boring life – how did the run go?

Let’s just say I have not run 4.0 miles this fast and felt like I had a lot more to give throughout the whole run in quite a while! I got to run on the Augusta portion of the Rail Trail and it just felt good, even with a slight headwind on the way back.


Can’t say too much for the Port-a-potty in the photo, but this is the Start of the Rail Trail in Augusta, just such a photo bomb by the pottie 😉

This run told me I am definitely on the right track with changing my mechanics to a more efficient method of running – that using Chi Running to actually change my running form is having a positive affect on the old body.

Although I did have to laugh when I started out, this lady’s Chihuahua decided it wanted to attempt to gnaw on my ankles and run with me. I was laughing at it and asked the lady to grab her dawg so I could get to running. She was having some issues getting it to respond, so I had a pretty slow start, but we got the dog back to her. She apologized and when I met her coming back, we smiled and waved to each other, while she was holding the dog in her arms.

I am feeling a lot more comfortable with my feet not splaying out on me nearly as much and the arms are doing well most of the time staying at the 90* angle and not going forward too far. So I decided to add in keeping up the cadence a little higher than I have been – I finished with a 175 SPM and kept between 172 and 178 for the most part.

Once I got to Hallowell, I did have to make a pit stop and decided to take a couple of photos of the Kennebec – they turned out pretty good.


The photos with the iPhone 7 are so superior to my Kyocera, it is pretty amazing.

On the way back I felt strong and since the course was pretty flat, it wasn’t as difficult as running at home, I was able to maintain the effort and pace I wanted. My splits were: 8:14, 7:51, 8:06 and 8:06 – fairly consistent. With an 8:05 pace overall, so I was very happy and the best part – NOTHING HURT!!!

And while I could easily have run further, I can still tell that I am in recovery mode from not having run much lately, but damn it feels good to run decently again.

Bat Boy aka Bennie


Wow on the photo quality is all I can say!!!