A 20 Mile Week – Week In Review

Something happened and I have to go back in and fix a bunch of stuff ;-(

Things seem to be FINALLY turning around the hip is getting runnable again – yah finally! Actually it was a really good week and I even got to take today off and relax. That doing yard work, mowing the lawn (it really needed it) and setting up things for when the snow comes – it will be soon —- this warm weather cannot last much longer.

Twenty miles this week with a rest day – I ain’t complaining.
<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-41212″ src=”https://runnah.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/ad878-screenshot-2017-11-5-harold-runlog-1-1-2017-xlsx.png&#8221; alt=”Screenshot-2017-11-5 Harold RunLog 1-1-2017 xlsx.png” width=”1776″ height=”349″ />
The work through Chi Running and also my stopping to change everything all at once and focus on 1-2 things really made a difference in my progress. I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed with all the changes that I know that I need to make to run more efficiently and hopefully a lot less injury prone, due to my poor mechanics.
Scanned Documents
Next week I am going to start the Beginner 1/2 Marathon training plan from the Chi Marathon plan. I will focus on the stuff that the plan tells me to, but will probably run more than four days in a week.  I need to focus on the basics of Chi Running (improving my mechanics) and for the next eight weeks that is the plan. I am sure that I will have my brain-cramps, but I gotta stick with this one I think – I can’t keep running the same way I have and still be able to run when I am older.
I am in the process of the moving back towards the Apple silo a bit, with the addition of my new iPhone 7. I am happy with my Linux Elementary/Kyocera combo, but the phone unexpectedly found a new home this weekend and I ended up with the iPhone (my fourth one), primarily due to the quality of photos and I needed it that day. So far am loving it, but still have to get used to a few differences between IOS and Android, plus the changes in IOS since the last time I had an iPhone. IMG_0076.jpg