Running Back Cove – RunLog 11-6-17

I had to get up at O’Dark Thirty yesterday morning to take SD2 to the JetPort down in Portland, which meant that I also got to run around Back Cover otherwise known as Back Bay. It is one of my favorite places to run — ever.



With everything going on this year, I haven’t run down there in a while. I have lots of memories of this course over the years and some years they are great runs and others well let’s just say that I could have down better or maybe I shouldn’t have tried to run quite that fast or far in racing flats 🙂

I almost always run this course clockwise – just habit, so yesterday I was feeling a bit contrary and ran it the other way – going up the bump by the bridge instead of down it. It was overcast and pretty breezy – it felt a schooch more than the 8 mph that the weather on the Garmin site said, especially coming back along the backside between miles 2 and 3. However, I have found that it seems whenever I run there — there is almost always a “breeze” from one direction or the other.




It was a supposed to be a day off on the schedule, but since I took off Sunday and I had the opportunity to run Back Bay, I took it. However, I made into a fun run and didn’t attempt to work on much of nothing other than enjoying the run, thinking back to other times that I have run here and people I have run there with. Like running with SD2 and Mary on a winter day when we were bringing her back to USM or back in the day when I was working on Commercial Street and the XO would abuse me badly going up Munjoy Hill and then going around Back Bay – he was a helluva lot better runner than I was then.

I did sort of work on keeping things aligned, but that is starting to become easier and easier now that I am getting into the third week. A nice run just over 8:30 pace for 3.58 miles and I purposely was running slower at the start.

After that I went over to DD’s and sat down to plan out the month of November and how Chi Running’s beginner half marathon plan would fit into an old fart’s running. I think I have got it figured out pretty much – the plan only calls for running 4 days a week and I typically do 5-6 (unless I am streaking), so the days it calls for a rest day, I will just make it a fun run where I focus only on alignment. Hopefully, that will work for me and I just want to get thing decent for next year – this is my learning Chi Running and base building – not racing time.

Although, I do plan to do a Turkey Day race, if everything works out and I keep running well – well injury-free.

After that I wandered around doing some shopping, thinking about what people needed for Christmas and that sort of stuff. It was a nice day, but when I left Portland at 1:00 PM, I wasn’t even tempted to stop in Freeport and admire the virtues of LL Bean, Patagonia, North Face or Nike. I drove right on by.

I must be getting old.

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