Getting Chilly – RunLog 11-7-17

Week 1 – Day 3

The first real chilly run of this late fall. Temps when I ran at 10:30 AM were only 36*F and when you add in the wind chill – the real feel was 26*F. Yep that is chilly to my way of thinking, so I put on my mittens, a couple of layers and got ready to do my first workout of the Chi Running Beginner’s Half Marathon Plan.

I am modifying the plan slightly by running more than 4 days a week, but yesterday was supposed to be the first day of the actual plan. Unfortunately, we had to do a Lancaster flip-flop, so getting in a run with that 6-7 hours of drive time in addition to time there, is pretty tough this time of year. So I took yesterday as a rest day and started the first planned run today.

The plan called for a 30 minute run and to focus on aligning my feet and creating a column with my body and doing Focus Form Intervals per the plan. Then after finishing the run doing an extremely comfortable pace for a mile to use for my long runs – for a while

So while this was actually Day 2, it happened on Day 3.

The Run Itself

I am getting more and more comfortable with getting the feet to run mostly straight and the alternating times helped to remind me to do the creating a column more often – I tend to slouch a little if I am not paying attention. So the intervals focusing on one form and then other, was not difficult, but kept reminding me that I needed to think about what I was doing – instead of simply running and going away into my run.

The 10mph breeze was in my face going out and I was more than happy to have my mittens the layers on. On the way back, it was a bit different, the wind at my back and the way I was dressed meant a little bit of sweat-fest, especially coming back up Stevens Hill.

The splits were decent, especially since I was really focused on doing form work and not worried about speed or cadence. I ran my 4.0 mile course out to Wildwood in 35:50, so I was pretty close to that 30 minute time and what surprised me the most was that my average cadence was 171 – still in that 170 to 180 sweet spot that this plan will eventually call for.

The overall run was decent, but I know that I need to relax and enjoy the process, because I got a little frustrated with myself going up Stevens Hill. I wanted maintain the same pace that I had for the first 3.5 miles, but I didn’t want to increase the effort to the level necessary to maintain the pace I had been running. Then I “remembered” that right now it is not about pacing or stride rate (cadence) it is only about running with the correct form and today the focus was keeping my feet straight and creating a column.

I was doing that.

Which meant that I could let go of my frustration at going slower and just keep working on my form.

I just have to remember that for the next 8 weeks, it is not about speed!!! It is about fixing the issues I have with how I run, learning/relearning how to run more efficiently and building a nice base of mileage for the next phase of training.

That and losing a few pounds :-).

Run #2

The second part of today’s workout was doing an extremely comfortable mile after finishing the 30:00 minute form interval session. I walked for about 3-4 minutes, took off my running jacket and ran down the road. I ran comfortably, didn’t think about too much other than enjoying the run and finished in 8:48.

Which sounds about right for my comfortable pace.

So I am ready for my long run on Saturday and will try to keep it right around an 8:50 pace.

Overall a good first day of actually working the Chi Running plan, I just have to keep with it and not lose interest and move on to the next great thing. At least in my mind. Here is to doing more than just lip service to Chi Running – the truth will be in the doing.