Newton Kismet 2 – 50 Mile Review

Well it has been an interesting month in running shoes. The shoes that I bought at a premium price and thought would be the solution to many of my issues, are not the ones that I will be writing about. Actually they still have under 10 miles on them and are sitting in their box in the closet, with me having no plans of using them for running anytime soon.

No, the shoes that I found have worked the best for me were ones that bought on a whim and wasn’t sure that I would even use them all that much. Instead they have become my go to running shoes and yes, most everything else shoes too.


They just fit well and are comfortable.

The Newton Kismet 2’s that I bought on closeout from Left Lane Sports for an easy on the wallet price.

They are my 4th pair of Newton’s and without a doubt my favorite pair. I thought when I ordered them that I would use them to tweak my running form, because the front lugs do help me think about how I am running.

While I have not been able to run as much as I usually do due to a barking hip over the past few months, I still have been walking and moving enough to get in an average of over 15,000 steps a day – many days was a lot more. I would say that right around 90% of those steps since October 13th have been in the Newton Kismet 2’s.

I have 50 miles running and probably another 150 or so walking miles in the Kismet 2’s and find that I reach for them before I reach for any other shoes. In fact, I have to pretty much force myself to use something else.

I have run 21 times in the Kismet’s, with the longest just over 4 mile, with a few in the sub 8:00 pace category as I recover from that hip issue and work on making my mechanics more efficient. Otherwise I have worn them for walking, driving, doing errand and other general use activities.

They are in my sweet spot when it comes to their weight.


There is just something “right” about they way Kismet 2’s fit my feet and since I have started changing my running form using the Chi Running method, the Kismet’s have aided in reminding me to keep my feet straighter. The lugs up front feel “off” when my feet are not close to being straight.


When I got them, I originally got them as a once or twice a week shoe to tweak my form and do some drills in. I believed that when I returned to running after this most recent injury that if I used the Newton’s too much that I would have issues with my Achilles and Calves since they are a lower drop shoe than I am used to.

However, I have had zero issues with the Achilles (which was a very pleasant surprise) and I am feeling more comfortable running in them than I am anything else I have run in this year.


Now if I had only run in these and after 50 miles, the soles/lugs showed this much wear, I would be a LOT disappointed, but since I have closer to 200 actual miles on the Kismets, the wear is about right.


I think that the changes I am making to make my running more efficient is working fairly well since the wear pattern on the lugs is not bad at all and a LOT better than other Newtons that I had in the past.


The upper does not bother my Tailor’s Bunionette at all and to be honest, I like the looks of the Kismet 2’s a lot. Even though I worn them for more than just running I do not see any wear on the upper and would expect them to last for quite a while.


Another thing that I do like is that the heel is a snug fit for me and doesn’t slip around – although it does make it harder to take off the shoes without untying them.

What don’t I like?

Every once in a while a rock will get wedged in the front lugs

That is about it.

The reality is that

Overall, at this point I am very happy with the Newton Kismet 2’s. However, I have a feeling that I am going to make my Christmas present from Bennie into a part of my present running shoe rotation versus waiting for Christmas. Who knows if they works as well as the Kismets then, maybe there will be another pair of Newtons waiting under the tree.

While the Kismets should/will last for quite a while and I am running well in them. I really am using them for everything and that isn’t that great for running in as my only running shoes. I sort of wish that I had only run in them, but they were just too damn comfortable.


I am very impressed with how well the Kismet 2’s are working for me during this transition time to being a more efficient runner.

A very good thing.

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