Week 1, Day 4 Still Chilly – RunLog 11-9-17

Hunting Season running attire

It was still pretty chilly when I walked Bennie first thing this morning…that 22*F felt exactly like that – cold. At least the wind was not howling down the road (we live on a North-South road and when the wind is out of the North it can be brutal). Other than that the weather was actually not too bad, it was sunny and bright most of the morning.



Bennie and I did get in a 3+ plus walk, where I really get to work on keeping my feet pointed in the right direction and I get to think. No, Bennie and I are not going to be running partners for a while.

It seemed that whenever I ran with him this summer something would happen where I ended up hurting, then missing time running. So as much as I hated to do it, I have put Coach Bennie into semi-retirement for a while.

Not today’s photo, but down where we were walking.

He really is not complaining all that much about it and seems to like the long walks just fine. He is probably around 9 years old and as much as he would hate to admit it, is slowing down a bit and the runs seemed to take a lot out of him. So we do our long walk then I go for my run.

It seems to be working fairly well for both of us.

On the run today the plan was 30 minutes or so and do form intervals to work on keeping my hips level and lengthening my neck.

Since I don’t have a count-down timer that I can actually hear (I hate using my phone for it), I decided to use the old tried and true method of picking out something that I thought would take about a minute to get to and then focus on my form focus.

The first couple of miles went by really well and then coming back up Stevens Hill…well I just did the usual slow down (hills really are the hard part of my running right now) and hung on until I got to the mailbox and was able to get back to running again. The last mile felt good and I had plenty left in the tank.

What impressed me the most about this run was in the areas where the frost was coming out of the ground and got a little slimy, I could see how I was landing. The tracks I left behind were the straightest that I have made in years. The other part is that I am starting to notice when my feet are not straight, so I am making progress.

This afternoon Mary, Bennie and I went up and walked a little ways on the Benton Trail, along the Kennebec River. I keep forgetting how nice a trail it is and how it would be a really great place to run faster paces. It is an old railroad bed and is mostly flat.


Yeah, it was a pretty good day.

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