Brrr & Windy Too – RunLog 11-10-17

I wasn’t sure I was going to get this one in today.

This morning’s walk with Bennie was a pretty windy and cold down-back, but I was able to find some of my frozen footprints from yesterday’s run. It gave me a snapshot of how I was running at this point going up Stevens Hill. There were others that showed a little less splay, but the footprints didn’t show up too well in the photos.


The right foot on this photo is still a lot too much splayed, but that is a significant improvement over what I used to see when I saw my tracks. It didn’t help that is on a very crowned section of the road, yep it still needs work but is closer than it was.

After the walk, I got all kinds of wimpy and decided to head out for the gym and a date with the treadmill. Well on the way I got to thinking about a conversation the wife and I had earlier and stopped in a few places to see if I could order a new generator – another power outage wouldn’t be a good thing without one. I was pretty sure no one would have one in stock after last week’s fun and games.

The good news is that one place had a Honda 3000 generator, the bad news, they wanted more than $2,000 for it. Nope didn’t go for it and stopped at another store where they didn’t even want to talk about ordering one. So I dropped in to Home Depot and after discussing what I was looking for versus what they could order, I ordered a 5,000 Watt portable and will do an in store pickup – hopefully by the 24th. Hey at least they were willing to talk to me and it is ordered.

After all that I was tired mentally and headed over to Planet Fitness for my first treadmill run since June. Unfortunately, when I got there, there were no cars in the parking and a sign on the door said ‘CLOSED’ – will reopen when we get power back.

They had lost power.

It seems with the extremes in weather we have been getting lately that the power goes out a lot more than it used. I headed home figuring that we would lose power and would need to do the no power routine. I got home and wonders of wonders we still had power.

Luckily we didn’t lose it today.

However, I was beat and hungry, so I waited to run. Hoping in the back of my mind that the breeze would die back a little.


Finally, about 3:00 I gave in walked Bennie and decided to run outside. It was still cold and windy – single digit wind chills so I bundled up pretty much. I survived the run and that is about all I can say about it. I focused on higher cadence and not slouching (especially going into the wind).

It wasn’t the steady wind that bothered, it was when the windy freight train came rumbling through at over 40 mph.

Boy did that wind sound like a January wind. It was definitely cold!

Overall, I am glad that I did the run today, but I am not thrilled about dealing with the cold for the next 4-5 months, but I chose to live in Maine and it is part of the deal. It will make me a stronger runner in the long run – at least that is what I hope.

Moving Back to iPhone

Yes, I have moved back to an iPhone. No, it is not their newest and greatest, but it is still a very current and dare I say fabulous cell phone – the iPhone 7. Say what you will about Apple, the high price of their products and all the other stuff, they do have beautiful and well made products that usually set the standard for those niches.
Apple iPhone 7 – Screenshot from 11/9/17

This post is not really about the technical aspects of the iPhone that I am now using (it is old news and a lot has been written about it), it is more about my experience moving back to using an iPhone after a couple of years of using Android phones and how it has made me look at things a LOT differently than I did a week ago. Continue reading “Moving Back to iPhone”