Moving Back to iPhone

Yes, I have moved back to an iPhone. No, it is not their newest and greatest, but it is still a very current and dare I say fabulous cell phone – the iPhone 7. Say what you will about Apple, the high price of their products and all the other stuff, they do have beautiful and well made products that usually set the standard for those niches.
Apple iPhone 7 – Screenshot from 11/9/17

This post is not really about the technical aspects of the iPhone that I am now using (it is old news and a lot has been written about it), it is more about my experience moving back to using an iPhone after a couple of years of using Android phones and how it has made me look at things a LOT differently than I did a week ago.


The good people at the Waterville Verizon store did a great job of doing the initial setup of my new iPhone and my data went across without any hiccups.

The first thing I noticed was the screen quality compared to my old Kyocera Phone – it is simply exquisite.

I started using it and kept hitting the lower left corner of the screen. It didn’t do a damn thing – there is no back button (physical or screen). Of all the differences between IOS and Android, I really think that is the one thing that I miss the most. Having a back button makes it so simple to go to the previous thing you were doing. However, I am adjusting to the Apple way again.

The other big difference the extra step it takes to get to the camera. With my Kyocera, all I had to do was press and hold down a button and photo app was up ready to go. With the iPhone 7, I have power on, swipe and then the camera is there most of the time. This will get to be even more of a pain to get to the camera now that the cold weather is here and I have to take off the glove too, to take a picture.

However, the photos the iPhone’s camera takes are simply amazing, so the tradeoffs in the end are worth the extra effort to get to the camera app.

The apps are all pretty much similar, but I did forget how much I like some of the Apple apps compared to their Android counterparts once I started using them again. They just seem a little more sophisticated – still.

Hell, I am even using Siri a little, but I feel stoopid talking to a phone (computer), so I don’t use it as much as I really could.

It also seems that from where iCloud was when I left Apple last time, to where it is now is like night and day – for the better. The improvements in iCloud take what I believed was a huge weakness in using Apple’s products and have me thinking that it could be part of the solution I have looking for.

Overall, the move back to using an iPhone has been less of a learning curve than I had expected with all the changes over the past few years in IOS. I am sure that I will kep learning lots of the little things over the coming weeks and months.

The bottom-line is that I am enjoying using the iPhone more than I did the Kyocera, which did what I wanted, but there was always something – missing. It was more of a get it done phone and the iPhone, well it gets things done too, but it seems to get them done differently and more in line with how I want to do it.

Thinking About Flipping things around

I am enjoying the iPhone and my experiences with IOS enough that I am seriously thinking about flipping my computer use back into the Apple silo.

Since I have retired, I don’t really need to worry about knowing a particular OS for work and can choose to use the one that I want versus the one that I need to know. I don’t program, I don’t do a lot of video or photo editing. That and…

My old ASUS TP300L Flip that I converted to Linux machine is starting to have hardware issues and is not as reliable as I would like, want or need it to be – it could turn into a brick at any time. So I have been thinking pretty hard about what might be next, especially if the ASUS become the proverbial brick.

However, I am not sure that I want to go back into the world of Mac’s either, Google is well Google (things work until they are abandoned or discontinued) and at this point I have no plans to ever go back to Windows.

All those OS will work, but the operating systems are different from my phone and I am wanting to learn and use just one OS going forward. To actually learn it, not just enough to use it – there is a difference. It is a part of that attempting to simplify my life thing even more going forward.

Which means that I would have to go the iPad as a laptop route. In the past this wasn’t something that was really practical due to the limitations of the iPad and IOS or at least my perception of that.

I have been reading a LOT about the new iPad Pro 10.5 with 256 GB storage – it looks pretty close what I would expect to use my laptop for. Especially, when I looked closely at the way that I currently use a computer, along with the improvements in IOS and the upgrades to the iPad, it has me thinking that I could use it quite nicely.

Well, as long as I get the right keyboard to go with it.

That would be the thing – getting the right keyboard that works and is comfortable on the table and in my lap when I sit on the couch. It does need to be detachable or fold out-of-the-way when I not using it, but still using the iPad for consumption.
Apple iPad Pro 10.5 with keyboard and Apple Pen. Screenshot from APPLE.COM

I would probably use the Apple pencil more as a mouse than for drawing, which would take some relearning on my part – but doable. However, not having a trackpad available would be a big learning curve, but not something I would consider a deal breaker.

Lots to think about.

Maybe after Christmas if I can keep the old ASUS running that long.

As you can see moving back to an iPhone has upset the whole apple cart as far as my thinking about where I want to take my computing life. It is a good thing to look objectively and closely at how you do things once in a while. You might just learn some new stuff and see things from a different perspective than you have in the past. Who knows maybe your needs, priorities and interests have changed completely.

It seems that mine have.

All I know is that I really don’t want to play on the Command line anymore (if I don’t have to) and want to have my computing life be as simple as turn-it-on, use it and when I am done let it go back to sleep.

This is what I do with my phone and now that I have seen what a fairly new iPhone does, I want that similar experience with my computer.

Not asking too much of anything am I???

2 thoughts on “Moving Back to iPhone

  1. Welcome back … 🙂

    I honestly think my phone would be Android (likely a Note 8, I have a Note 5 as a ‘secondary’ phone and quite like it). However, the Apple ecosystem is incredibly pervasive – from all the extra iMessage features, hand-off between devices, common libraries, shared spaces and browser stuff and so on. I love the iPhone 7 Plus – the bigger screen and dual rear cameras are all excellent, and for a rare time in my life I just don’t see the need for the ‘latest & greatest’ (either the 8 Plus or X). So I will save the money (for now!)

    My main laptops are the Alienware 13 and 11.6″ MacBook Air – both from 2015 … and both still excellent. I don’t care too much about top-line graphics anymore, preferring portability – and these both work great. The update cycle has slowed, and while I have been looking at laptops with the new 1060 GTX graphics cards … I don’t play games enough to make it worthwhile.

    And I LOVE my iPad Pro 10.5 … I like to call it my 90% computer. The Mac has specific things like my music studio software to hook up to my keyboards and such … and the Alienware has games. The iPad can do just about everything else – and lets me play Star Wars KotOR, Titan Quest, Baldur’s Gate and Iceland Dale and so on quite nicely. The new iOS 11 is the iPad OS I have personally longed for years – I will regularly use it for conference calls – have a split screen watching the PowerPoint on the left and taking notes on the right.

    I use the ‘Smart Keyboard … it is just excellent and folds up quickly and easily. My favorite tablet keyboard ever (going back 7 years or so!). I have never gotten a Apple Pencil … just not my thing. I do have the Cellular version added into our Verizon account … but there is so much WiFi that my usage is under 1GB per month.

    Check Black Friday sales – I think Sam’s Club I saw having a ‘pre BF’ sale on the 11th, not sure what other deals are happening on the Pro – but there should be something.

    1. That is good to know and I had a feeling you might have some of the answers :-). I am getting to the point where I just want things to work and stay out of the way.

      I really kind of wish that the Motiv Laptop had panned out better, where you just put your phone in a slot and it became the brains of the laptop. One tool to rule them all.

      Oh well your description of the iPad Pro 10.5 really gives me a LOT more confidence that it is the right direction for me to heading.

      Thanks Mike 🙂

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