Feeling Better – RunLog 11-12-17

Week 1 – Day 7

Well the polar vortex crap has eased a bit, which is fine by me…I don’t enjoy those single digit wind chills and temps in the 30’s are at least reasonable for this time of year. I have feeling that it might be a long-arse winter this year or is it that they just seem to keep getting longer every year you get older?

Yesterday I was supposed to do my “long” run according to the plan, but we went down to Portland, played around in the Apple Store and Best Buy, then headed over to Oxford to see what books we could find. Which meant a long day and lots of driving – so I decided to take the day off. However, Mary did get my Christmas present, now I just have to make sure that I don’t try to con her into letting me have it early hehehehe.

Which meant that today, I would do the plan’s long run and do 5 minute form intervals. Now the plan called for a 3 mile long run and the pace was going to be around 8:48 based on my time trial on Wednesday., but I needed 5.0 miles to get over 20 miles for the week…so I decided to call it 1.0 mile warm-up and 1.0 mile cool down in addition to the long run.

I know it is only semantics, but…hey it is me being me.

So I decided to run around the Middle Road my 5.0 mile course, to see where I actually am.

The first mile was fine, but by the time I got to the Shepard Road, I needed to find the woods for a brief pit stop. Not sure what was up, but there wasn’t any choice in the matter.

Mile 2.0 was at a comfortable pace, even though it was the fastest split of the day. I did work on lengthening the neck and keeping the feet straight.

Mile 3.0 starts with the hill before the school, which I felt strong going up, but even so I slowed down quite a bit going up it. There was a lot of traffic on the Middle Road, which mean that I spent a lot of time on shoulder and at some point before the Dump Road, I picked up a couple of rocks in the lugs.

This is the one thing about the Newton’s that drive me crazy, plus it throws off your stride just enough that you have to take care of it. So once I got past 3.0 mile I stopped long enough to clear the 2 rocks. It is pretty amazing what a difference just removing those little rocks from your shoes make in your running.

Mile 4.0 I was starting to slow down and was not attempting to push the issue, by this time I was working more on keeping the C shape going up the hills and focusing on landing quietly with my feet straight.

When I got to the lower gate, suddenly my body tells me that I needed to head for the woods yet again. This time there was no choice and no waiting until I finished in a half mile. Not a good feeling, but the stop was not a choice.

I just jogged the run in after that last woods call. After all I was in my cool down mile :-).

Overall, I was extremely happy with the 5.0 miles! Nothing really bothered, there were a couple of very minor things that didn’t last more than a couple of minutes and did not affect how I was running.

Yeah, I made 20 miles for the week.