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Sometimes What We Need The Most – RunLog 11-13-17

IMG_0197.jpgSometime what we need the most from life is a nice boring run.

One that does not have any drama, close calls, snow, rain, wind or anything else other than getting out the door and running down the road. Then getting to the turnaround point and running back home.

Today’s run was one of those where I focused on my body, how it was moving and everything else was boring as hell.


The absolute best part of this boring 4.0 mile run, was that my left Achilles, right foot, right hip or any other body part didn’t hurt at all.

I didn’t realize this until about a half hour after I got through running, but when I thought about the run and started to write my brief description in my spreadsheet – nothing had hurt during the run.

That was a first time in a long, long time where nothing hurt during a run!

For so long it seemed that it was normal part of running to have something not be right. Let’s just say it is progress and that I hope it continues for quite a while going forward.


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