Finding An iPad Pro 10.5 And More

If you want to know why I decided to get an Apple iPad Pro 10.5, you can read that here. This post is about the adventure we had getting the iPad Pro 10.5


I hadn’t expected to write this post today, but something unforeseen happened at lunch and necessitated a change in plans.

My old ASUS has been acting up a bit more and a couple of weeks ago I finally sat and talked with the wife about it. I had that hung dog look/feeling when I let her know that I was probably going to need a new computer fairly soon. She didn’t seem to phased or surprised by this, she had heard me whining, complaining and swearing at the ASUS more than a few times. I told her about the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 and she just rolled her eyes a little, but…

Mary said I could have it as my Christmas present.
With the Christmas season coming, I knew that this would be one of those high demand items and if I waited to get one later, I might not get one or the one that I wanted. However, all I could do was wait until the wife and I could get someplace that had them and go from there.

Fortunately, we had to go to the Apple Store in Portland to get SD1’s new iPhone, last weekend. Which gave me a chance to really look at the iPad Pro 10.5 one more time and Mary got to look at what I wanted. We talked about it while SD1 got her phone setup.

The big question we both was whether it would still be in stock in December or not. When I told her that Best Buy had the iPad Pro 10.5 for $125.00 off, as one of their Black Friday deals, she said let’s go get it.

I didn’t argue.

Now I would have preferred to get it at the Apple Store, but for $125.00 off list price, we had to take advantage of that kind of savings.

 We waited for about 10 minutes at Best Buy to get waited on and when I told the salesperson what we wanted, he smiled and said good choice and started to go on about its many attributes. I interrupted him and asked if the Portland Store was honoring the Black Friday deal that was on the website and that I had gotten an email about. His eyes got big, because they still had it as full-price on the floor and I flashed the email from iPhone
They gave us the Black Friday sale price.
Unfortunately, all Best Buy Portland had in stock was the Rose Gold iPad Pro 10.5 – the one color that I had told Mary before we left the Apple Store that was the only color I wasn’t crazy about. The salesperson  stated they could send it to us in a different color, but I am a big believer in one in hand is better than one that will be coming. I am not too worried about color since it will be in a case most of the time anyways.
I have a feeling that the color will grow on me. It was the same color as what SD1 got her phone in and actually it wasn’t as bad as the photos online make it out to be.
I purposely didn’t get a keyboard when we got the iPad. I knew that if I did, I would beg, snivel, whine and try to get Mary to let me open it early. Plus I wanted to research the keyboard options available, because I wasn’t sure which one was going to be the best one for the way that I see myself using the iPad.
I had to answer the following question…
Am I going to use it more as an iPad with the ability to use a keyboard or turn it into a mini Mac that uses IOS?
I still haven’t decided on that, but I have had laptops since they first came out all those many years ago and never really used a tablet all that much. So do I go for the familiar look and feel or do I try something new to see if works or not.
However, there have been a lot of negative comments about the Smart Connection loosing connection too easily and that some people have to constantly reset the iPad to get it to work.
This seems to be a weak point in the whole setup for me – attaching a keyboard that will just work and you don’t have to frig, fart around with things to get it to do what you want – type and keep up with my typing ability.


After a LOT of research, I finally decided on the Zagg Rugged Messenger Case and Keyboard combination. Yes, it is Bluetooth, but it seemed to have a great track record regarding keeping connectivity to iPads, so I wasn’t as concerned about it as I was with other brands/styles. Getting it for $20 off helped too. Although the Brydge keyboard was in it to the end, but there were too many negative comments regarding how it had problems with missing keystrokes too often – not something I want to deal with.

So I had the combo that seemed like it was going to work the best for me, until some other accessories are available for the iPad Pro 10.5 or Brydge solves their perceived problems with Bluetooth.

All I had to do was hope that the ASUS made it to Christmas and then be able to enjoy learning something new.

Unfortunately today at lunch I was surfing the web and we heard a loud “pop” come from the ASUS. Then it some squirrelly stuff as far as showing characters, then went to black. Umm not good. When I attempted to do a hard re-start — nothing. So whatever was going on — happened. The ASUS has become a brick.

Which means that I needed a computer.

Mary graciously said I could use the iPad early, but that she would still wrap the boxes, to remind me that it was supposed to be a Christmas present.

So I have been setting it up and getting used to the quirks and differences an iPad has from a typical laptop. The biggest thing that I have to get used to is the lack of trackpad or a mouse to get things done, but I am adapting to the touchscreen. I can tell you that if I didn’t have the keyboard, this would not be a fun transition for me. I ain’t too crazy about that on-screen  keyboard. The Zagg keyboard is doing everything I wanted and was easy to connect. Although there are some things that I have to get used to.

I am pretty excited about getting to use it early and while there are a few differences or different ways of doing things, it is still a computer and I am confident a week from now I will be flying right along with my new iPad Pro 10.5.

Actually I wrote this post on the iPad Pro and while it took a little longer than usual with differences, it wasn’t all that bad either. I think that this is going to be a lot of fun!

Now to find out if the iPad Pro 10.5 can replace a “real” PC for me.

A Surprise Progression Run – RunLog 11-16-17

Week 2 Day 4

Focus: level hips and lengthen neck

Yesterday was a scheduled rest day and guess what I did – I actually took a rest day. Wonders of wonders.

Today I didn’t quite beat the rain, but that was okay, it still wasn’t that bad to run in, even though the temps were in the 30’s – there was thankfully no wind.

Just as I was finishing up a couple of miles of walking with Bennie, it started to sprinkle, so I figured I best get going on a run without putzing around too much. Much to my surprise when I got out the door a few minutes later, the little bit of sprinkling had stopped and it was just one of those raw November days.

I started out nice and easy and worked up to a comfortable pace, without pushing I had a pretty good 2nd mile and decided to just keep cruising along and give just a little extra to see if I could go just a little faster. I did manage to pickup the pace by 7 seconds for mile 3.0 and decided to go for a sub 8:00 minute pace for the final mile, which I managed to do with a 7:58, it was only 6 seconds faster, but I wasn’t trying for race pacing.

This run was all about making sure that I was maintaining my form during a faster paced run. I really think that I did a pretty good job of it, because I finished the run without any extra pains or strains.

Even the right hip/leg that is still complaining about changing the direction of my foot from very splayed to a much more straight angle, did not complain during the run and after still felt really good.

The run today turned into a nice little progression run, where I learned a few things about my running – but that is a different post. All I can say is that I was very happy with how I felt running today.

Oh yeah, it started to rain pretty hard just about the time I finished the second mile, so I really wasn’t into staying around outside any longer than I had to.