The Way to Start the Day – Houdini Dawg

Yesterday’s rain became this morning’s icy roads.

For our first walk this morning we had to contend with some pretty slippery conditions, enough that the Town Crew had to get out and sand the roads. Unfortunately, they tend to sand the middle and not the sides where Bennie and I have to walk, so it made for some slippery spots.

No falls or anything, but it was definitely slow going in some spots. I was glad that I am working on center-of-gravity stuff and lifting the foot versus that old hard heel landing to toe-off. Those changes made walking on slippery roads a bit safer than I would have found them in the past. However, I would not have wanted to do a run on them, unless I had to.

Well then I had to.

The sweet innocent dawg, who knows that his picture is being taken for this blog post.

When a vehicle went by, Bennie got into Houdini mode and popped out of his escape-proof harness and went hell-bent for leather after it. Which meant that I had to get into go mode too.

This vehicle goes by us almost every morning and there is something about it that Bennie acts like a goof-ball when they go by, but the good thing is I know exactly where it goes. As Bennie was dashing around the corner after it, he went ass-over-teakettle on the icy road and was doing one of those slide alongs as he was scrambling to get back up and keep chasing or is that racing after the vehicle.

Damn, I wish I was as fast as he is.

So I did a sub 7:00 pace (probably closer to 6:00) on icy roads to keep Bennie sort of in sight and tried to get there before the lady needed to get her kids out of the car for their daycare. Somehow I didn’t crash and burn and got there fairly quickly without being totally out of breath.

The lady was chuckling while getting ready to take her kids in. Bennie was by the vehicle saying “See, I told you I could catch it!”, wanna go for a ride – he loves to go for rides and adventures. He would have gotten in the vehicle if I hadn’t been right there. He saw me coming down the lawn and he took off around the back of the house.

When he came back around I pretended I was going in the house and he came right up the steps and sat when I told him to. Bennie had a big doggie grin on his face and when I picked him up he didn’t try to escape or run away while I was putting his harness back on. He knew what was going on and was ready to head on home to have his breakfast.

So much for the escape-proof harness – Houdini dawg strikes again.