The Body is Amazing – RunLog 11-18-17

After running at a pretty good clip after Bennie played Houdini and slipped his harness yesterday, my left hamstring felt a little off. I felt a bit sore in the lower part of the hamstring, nothing serious and I walked a couple of miles on it, but could feel it more than I wanted to.

I have been down that road too many times.

You know the one where you know it is just a slight tweak and run through it. Which in turn makes the tweak worse and what would have been a day or two off running, turns into a week, two or one of those lingering things that you just keep running through, even though you know it ain’t the smartest thing, you still do it.

Well, my training plan had yesterday scheduled as a day off and instead of doing my Friday 5.0, which gave me permission to take it off. I hadn’t planned on it and had been looking forward to a nice run around Middle Road.

Guess what – I did something unheard of in my running career.

I took yesterday off, just because I had a small tweak.

Even though I know that I could have run – I didn’t.

Today when I ran, that small tweak did not bother at all. So it was a pretty damn good choice and maybe I learned something. We will see.

What did I do for a run today?

Week 2 – Day 6

In this plan Saturday’s are my long run day, right now it is 10 minute form intervals focusing on posture stuff: Level pelvis, feel your feet, lengthen neck and the C shape for 4.0 miles.

I just didn’t feel like running at home this morning and headed down to the Rail Trail in Augusta and figured that I would do 5.0, since 4.0 miles has been my regular run during the week, so I wanted to do something a little longer, but wanted to keep close to the plan’s long run schedule. A small adjustment and one that worked quite well for me.

The weather was great, somewhere in the low 30’s, but no wind and bright sunshine made for a nice run. I still am amazed by how quickly the human body adapts to different climates. It was only a couple of weeks ago that it was in the 50’s and 60’s and the 30’s were cold as hell. Now temps are regularly in the 30’s or lower and it feels almost warm to run in with a lot less layers on.

Starting out was at a very comfortable pace and I alternated focusing on the body parts / posture stuff, though probably not on the 10 minute intervals the plan called for, but I am feeling pretty comfortable with the posture stuff. I wanted to use the Chi App on the iPhone to see how it worked on the Long Run setting, without the cadence beeping along.

It gave helpful hints, that got really repetitive with the number of times I got to hear each one. Maybe the repetition is good, but I think that the app should have more choices on the focuses that are being done in a workout, because each type of workout has several focuses that you need to work on throughout a training schedule. So that was a bit disappointing.

I never really pushed the pace that hard, even when I picked it up during the last mile. I felt strong the whole run and could have run another 2-3 miles without any problems. The best part of this run was nothing hurt, I wasn’t limited by this or that and as small as taking a day off, when I tweaked my hammie yesterday, made a huge difference in my run today.

Shocking what you learn – if you actually listen to your body.

Oh yeah, it was 36*F when I finished…I didn’t need gloves or a hat and had my jacked more than half unzipped. It is amazing how adaptable us humans actually are to the environment we are in.

Even an old fart’s body can still stump the owner every so often.