A Pretty Blurry Week – Week In Review 11-19-17

This week was a blur to say the least!

I am not going into the boring details of everything, but at the same time a few highlights are in order.


The old ASUS computer finally died and I had to get out the new iPad more than a month earlier than I had planned. Not really what I had planned, but at the same time I am not complaining all that much. Setting it up was quick and easy – which really surprised me. The Zagg Rugged Messenger Bluetooth keyboard is working great, types well and will provide great protection for the iPad.

I had a cheap old stylus in a drawer and tried it out – it actually works really well. I will use it as my mouse/trackpad replacement and see how it goes from there. I know it doesn’t hold a candle to the new Apple stylus, but for what I want it might just be enough.

The best part is that I get to try something new and different for me and while some things might be a bit frustrating for me at first, I do see how this can be a very nice replacement for how I do things.


I was able to get over 20 miles again this week, for the third week in a row. While I didn’t have any really great runs (though Thursday’s accidental progression run wasn’t too bad), I did something more important in the long run – I ran consistently and pain-free! The right hip is about 90% healed and now just has some tightness, that is more from me attempting to straighten out my right leg and the adjustments that it has to make after way too many years of a severe splay.

To get the above screenshot I had to download the Google Spreadsheet app and then I could edit the sheet to add in my steps too. Getting the workflows back to a more natural state will take a couple of weeks, but it is just a different way to get where I want to go, not that I can not get there.

I am still using the Chi Running log and finding that writing the running log information down does help me think about the run I am writing about differently than I do when I just type up a quick blog about the run.

It was another week of only running in the Newton Kismet 2’s, they have become my go to shoes for my running and walking…well actually everything but working around the house or walking Bennie in the rain down-back.

Overall, it was just one of those weeks that you don’t realize how much you have done until it is over and then you just shake your head and go wow.

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