Initial Thoughts on Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5

I have been using the iPad Pro 10.5 for about a day now and have a few initial thoughts about it.

First and foremost – I like it — a lot.

Secondly – There is a learning curve.

Thirdly – I am really glad that I got the keyboard.

Let’s be real, I have learned in the last 24 hours that using an iPad is a different beast than any laptop that I have ever owned! While it is simple to operate/use, it works differently than a laptop does – just the way it is. You have to either embrace the differences or you will never adjust to how it works.

The biggest difference for me is the lack of a mouse or trackpad, I find myself attempting to figure out the keyboard shortcuts (all new muscle memory kind of thing), reaching up to touch the screen which sort of, but not really interrupts my workflow. Huh, when I first started to reach for the screen it felt a bit odd last night, but this morning it feels more dare I say “normal”.

I don’t find myself searching for the trackpad with my thumb nearly as often. I find myself touching the screen to get the pointer close to where I want to be onscreen and then using the arrow keys to get the rest of the way there – a bit awkward, but as I get more comfortable with things I am sure it will improve.

One thing that I found helped me with the transition was finding an old cheap stylus that I had for something else and finding that in many instances it works quite nicely as a mouse/trackpad and for somethings even better i.e. turning pages or quickly moving somewhere on the screen. It even takes decent notes. So while it is not the Apple stylus, it seems to be working for how I will use a stylus as a non-artist. It was definitely a LOT cheaper and doesn’t need to be re-charged.

Software or I should call them apps going forward, do not work or often look quite the same in IOS as in other operating systems. Getting used to those differences will be a part of the learning curve as I move away from legacy software and move back to Apple’s offerings. I have a feeling that I will probably keep my running log spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheet until next year, just to give me time to acquaint myself with the IOS version of Numbers. There are enough differences to make using Numbers, not as intuitive as other Spreadsheets.

The IOS version of WordPress is different and I can’t really say it is as good as the web version or even the Linux one that I had been using. There are less tools available to use, but the basic ones are there and I will get used to how it does things.

Speaking of Apps – that is a big change. I had become primarily cloud-based for most of my productivity software (Google’s Drive or G-Suite stuff) that I lived most of the time in the browser. Now I have to get used to being App based on the iPad. Which is not a bad thing, but it does make me have to twirl my head around a bit to used to looking at things differently – yet again.

I am loving the size and portability around the house, although on the spreadsheet having the smaller screen is going to take some getting used to or maybe I just need to simplify things and not worry about stuff that I can see on Strava or Garmin Connect.

The reality is that

Moving from a traditional laptop with Windows, OS-X or even one of the Linux flavors, there is a significant difference in how I will be doing things moving forward. After 24 hours I am seeing the potential and possibilities that using the iPad Pro 10.5 has, but the work flow and yes, muscle memory makes things feel pretty damn awkward – for now.

It will take a couple of weeks to figure out which apps work best for the way that I do things and how the body/head will embrace the iPad way of doing things.

Whether they are more efficient or simply different remains to be seen.

All-in-all though I am very happy with the progress I have made in moving to my new computer. Notice that I didn’t say replacing my laptop – the iPad is not a laptop, it is a different computer system and there is always learning curve to any new computer.

Will it replace what and how I did things on a laptop – from the short-time I have used it, I believe with maybe one or two exceptions that it will quite easily. I am already more comfortable with how it does things than I was on the Chromebooks that I had, so that is saying something already.

Let’s see where I am in a month. 🙂

No Shorts Today – 11-20-17

This morning I had an appointment to get the truck inspected and do an oil change, plus find out how much it was going to cost to fix the tail gate handle that broke last week (been an expensive November – so far). Which meant that I also got to go for a bit of a run while they were working on the Ranger.

Week 3 – Day 1

Today is a scheduled rest day, but this plan is a beginner plan and only has 4 days running a week, so I usually add 1 or 2 depending on how the old body is feeling. Actually I was feeling pretty chipper, so I figured that I would either do an out and back on the Rail Trail thru Hallowell or go back up thru Augusta and run the bridges. A lot depended on the wind and how I felt after I got going.

Well the wind was in my face and gusting pretty decently, with the temps in the high 20’s and the wind chills bringing it down into the teens, I figured that it would be better to run against the wind and have it at my back on the way back. Trying to be a little smarter about fighting the wind as it gets colder.

I did use a different app on my phone called Interval Timer to remind me to do form work or this weeks focus of getting my lean on. I am not going to say it is perfect, but it worked pretty damn good for what I wanted from it. When I do focus intervals, I will be using it instead of the Chi App for certain training runs, but it doesn’t have the cadence beep trainer, which I will need in a week or two. So we will see, but it does work well for what I want from it.

Getting back to today’s run.

I purposely didn’t try to run too fast, because I also planned on running 6.0 miles for the first time in a while.

The Rail Trail was extremely quiet today, I met only one other person on it, which means most of the fair weather regulars are now gone. It was strange though to only see one other person out there, after all the times of having to navigate around so many most of the summer.

About 4.5 miles into the run, my left Achilles started to tighten up a little, so I used a little more advanced feature of Chi Running and attempted to relax my legs below the knee. I must have been toeing off, instead of lifting because once I focused on that for a bit, the left leg started to feel more comfortable again. So the hard toe-off might have been a larger part of my Achilles’ tendon issues than I knew.

Once I got back into Hallowell, I could feel myself slowing down and didn’t really try to push through it. I just maintained a steady level of effort and didn’t really worry about the pace. I know that the little bumps after Hallowell to ACAR did slow me down more than they used to.

Overall, I was very happy with how I did on a longer run than I have done in quite a while. The effort was not ridiculous to finish and even though I wasn’t trying for a “faster” pace, the pace was better than I thought it would be. Good run.

The truck got inspected, although the brake light on the cab was out (didn’t know that) and I found out that I really need to replace the battery. Which I kind of thought I might after having to jump it last week and a couple hundred to replace the broken tail gate handle. Life goes on, but it does seem to be expensive to maintain vehicles, but the alternative is to be sitting on the side of the road or some parking with a vehicle that ain’t running. Me, I prefer to get home and do my sitting on the couch.

Next Monday, I get to go back and get the battery and sometime in early December will get the tailgate back to working order.

Keep smiling, these things are just part of the deal, but at least the running is going better than it has in a long time.