Running At Home on Turkey Day – RunLog 11-23-17

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, that conversations around the room remained respectful and that families enjoyed one anothers company.

I know that I am Thankful for my family and how they are doing, that is the most important thing. Yes, I am thankful also that my running is going better than it has in a long time, but that is pretty minor in the overall scheme of things.

There were two local Turkey Trots that happened this morning and plenty more within an hour’s drive and I had planned on doing one right up until last night. When I decided to stay home and run down-back instead.

Bennie and I on our 2 plus mile walk before the run

What’s up?

I am being meechy, I will readily admit it.

I am running the best I have this year and I don’t want to screw things up by getting to a race and being stoopid. It doesn’t have anything to do with race anxiety or anything else – I am enjoying running healthy for a change and if I ran in a race I would run faster than my present fitness level.

I know me.

If I did good, I wouldn’t be satisfied or more likely if I got injured – well I don’t want yet another setback this year. I have had enough of them.

So I stayed away.

Was it a good thing?

Probably. However, I missed seeing all the people that I haven’t seen most of the year. My running social life is sadly lacking, but that will change now that New Hampshire is winding down and I am running healthy. I want to run healthy for a little longer and get a good foundation established to my running again before I go adding in the fast for me stuff.

So how did the run down-back go?


Week 3 – Day 4 – Thanksgiving Day

The purpose of today’s run was to work on finding a balanced lean, landing on the mid foot and keeping the C (posture).

Yes, I did the pre-run warm-up exercises – gotta keep getting better about doing them.

It was still right around freezing when I started, so there was black ice on the road in spots and the dirt road had a few sketchy sections that I had to slow down on.

This was black ice on the way out and mostly thawed out by the time I finished.

The biggest thing that surprised me was the lack of hunters down-back. Most years there are 7-8 vehicles down there on Thanksgiving Day morning, yet this morning – there were zero, none, nada. Which was nice in one way, but at the same time kind of sad to watch the hunting tradition going by the wayside in this area.

I put my timer on one minute countdown repeats and focused alternately on landing with a mid foot landing and posture. At some point I will have to do a video to see if I am making any progress or am I just fooling myself? I would love to think that I am doing decently at improving my running form and efficiency – but other than feeling great and thinking I have – I am not sure. I think that is why I really would like to attend a Chi Running workshop.

Mile 2 felt good and had a nice split on that one.

Mile 3 was okay, but I did slow down a little.

Mile 4 going up the two hills slowed me down as usual. Nothing serious, but at some point I gotta figure them out once I get my foundation back under me.

Overall, it was another nice run, where nothing hurt, I felt good and finished feeling as though I could have done more.

I even did my post run stretches/exercises.

Although, I would have loved to gone to either Waterville or Augusta more for the comaradiere, than seeing how fast I can run. At the same time I also know me and racing is not conducive to Harold staying healthy, when he is not in shape for it. Especially, if I had had one of those good races, which usually result in me wanting to run even faster (for me), I go into race training mode, before I am ready.

Even so, I had a good run, a good Turkey Day and want to thank everyone who stops to take a moment to read what I write and the tangents I go off on every once in a while.