Friday 5.0 and Feeling Great – RunLog 11-24-17

Week 3 – Day 5

Rest Day – okay I didn’t rest, but I did relax during the run – no timer to do drills. Even so, I worked on focuses without having to, they are just becoming a part of what I do when I run.

Today was one of those great late November days where the temps when I started were in the mid-30’s and by the time I finished had climbed into the low 40’s. Which made running down-back a little more interesting since we had a hard freeze again last night. The warmer temps, melts the ice and causes the frost to come out of the ground.

Which means that one minute you might be running on frozen dirt, come into a patch of sunlight and be running in mud that looked very solid until you step on it, then there is always the ice that those dark spots in the dirt road usually hide.

However, it does make you pay attention when you are running – no wool-gathering.

Before I ran, I told myself that I wanted to run at a 9:00 minute pace and just go easy most of the run. Which meant on the Middle Road 5.0 mile loop that my pace would be all over the place – since there are a few hills (up and down). Somehow, I finished the just over 5.0 in 44:57 – I would say that was close enough.

My lower right back was a little moody, nothing serious, but whenever I walk Bennie with the belt, it does this – just something that I deal with, because I ain’t stopping wearing that padded belt, so I can have my hands free and not have him pull out my shoulders. I have looked at other systems and this one is probably better than 99% of the ones out there, it is just a stubborn and spastic Jack Russell Terrier that causes some of the issues.

When I got back on the dirt road, just past the Town Office, I was getting pretty warm and took off my mittens. Without knowing it one fell to the ground. One of the neighbors who was driving by picked up, honked their horn several times and drove up to me. Bob passed me my glove and said “That showed up really good on the ground and I had a pretty good idea of who’s it was when I saw you running”. I am glad he got it back to me, because they are my only running mittens and I do really like them. Thanks again, Bob!

My cadence was a bit slower at 168 than what Chi Running would recommend, but I am not too worried about that right now. However, disconnecting higher cadence and from speed will be my biggest challenge with Chi Running – but it is something to definitely work on.

I did the pre and post exercises that are prescribed in the books and added in a couple more that are pertinent to issues that I have and need to address.

Overall, a nice routine run – the kind of runs that I really enjoy and believe that they do the most for me.

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