Longish Run – RunLog 11-25-17

Well Bennie and I started to walk down-back, only two problems, lots of traffic from people wearing fluorescent orange and mud. The first one doesn’t really bother me, especially since it is the last day of regular firearms season up heah – I anticipated a lot more hunters to be out and about. The second one – well the temps had risen up into the low 40’s and the frost was coming out of the road faster than I have seen it in a long time. Let’s just say that when I watched a couple of trucks coming up and one going down and all three had mud rooster tails and I heard the person heading down clunk in the 4-wheel drive, I figured it was probably greasy too.

In that kind of stuff it just isn’t fun to walk and we both come back looking like mud pies. Plus there were a few gunshots fairly close by down there, so Bennie wasn’t too thrilled about heading that way in the first place.

We turned around and did our 2.0 miles plus down to Shepard Road and back – a much nicer walk that includes coming back up the bitch. We both made it home nice and clean.

It also made up my mind that I didn’t really feel like running up Mt. Philbrick (not really, but it just feels like it is a mountain sometimes) so I just call it the Bitch most of the time. With down-back a muddy, sloppy mess that really didn’t trip my trigger either. Which meant going for a run in Waterville or Augusta. I had done the rail trail a few times over the past few weeks, but I haven’t run in Waterville in what seems like forever. I used to go over there 2-3 times a week, just because the roads are safer to run on than most other places.

So I headed over to Colby College and planned on doing my 6.0 mile Colby loop.

Week 3 – Day 6

Long run – do the form focuses and throw in learning the lean stuff, switching off every 10 minutes (I set the timer to 5 minute repeats) at about an 8:48 pace.

The wind was still blowing pretty good at the start (according to Garmin Connect 10 mph out of the south southwest), it felt a long stronger than that, but that is the official reading. I also had forgotten how much of a long-ass hill there is to start and when you add in the breeze right in your face = a tough start.

The screen shot might exaggerate the climb a little (the thin green line), but that is just about how it felt to me this morning and when you add in having to find a tree sooner rather than later on the hill itself, well it wasn’t the way I wanted to start this adventure today.

After getting things like bodily functions and breathing settled down a bit, plus getting on flatter ground, the breeze didn’t bother near as much. After that it was more just keep working on the Chi Running focuses when my timer beeped every 5 minutes and enjoying the run. I didn’t attempt to run fast and simply went with that wonderful effort thing, going downhill was a bit faster and going uphill slower.

I thought I would end up around a 9:10 overall pace but the sub 9:00 that I ran felt good and I had plenty left in the tank when I finished. Although my left foot’s sole was a little tender for some reason or other – just breaking it in to longer runs again. It is a familiar soreness that I get when I start to increase my mileage a little.

Overall, a very good 6.0 miles and the best part was that I felt pretty good the entire way.