A Change of Plans – RunLog 11-27-17

Week 4 Day 1

Rest Day/Fun Run

Hard to believe that I have been mostly following a training plan going into the 4th week. It is unheard of for me to do that. Me, that guy who jumps from plan-to-plan to idea to the next greatest thing on a whim all to often. It is actually kind of nice to stick with one philosophy of running for a while. I have a feeling that this thought might end up in a blog post sometime this week.

Ah well, back to the run, yes it was a scheduled rest day, but…

but since all I did was a quick elliptical yesterday, I wanted to run today. Especially, since I will be going to get a new battery for the truck tomorrow and will probably run longer than the plan calls for down on the Rail Trail. So I did Tuesday’s workout today and will have a fun run tomorrow.

Today’s form interval focuses were: relaxing the lower leg and lifting my heel

It was one of those tweener days outside – you know one where it is still pretty chilly, but didn’t feel that cold at 30*F even with a pretty good breeze in my face coming back on Blake. I guess I have acclimated to the colder weather when 30*F doesn’t feel THAT cold (I know it is going to get worse – a LOT worse). However, as frozen as down-back was this morning during my morning 3.5 mile walk with Bennie was, the frost was coming out and had a bit of slime (mud) on top in several spots by the time I got to run.

I used my count-down timer to do form intervals and attempted to maintain them whether I was going uphill, downhill or on the flats. Which made it a lot more difficult since the I was processing a new focus on top of the other focuses that I have learned over the past 3 weeks.

Maybe I ought to remember land, lever, lift phrase from a different Natural Running program. Hint I am wearing their shoes.

Adding in the relaxing the lower leg and lifting your heel after peeling your foot off the ground without toeing off…mmmm yeah. For someone who has toed off/pawed back or whatever you call it for almost his entire time as a runner, this is the one that I need to master and if I don’t “get it” this week, will repeat again next week. Yeah, this and one other are the ones that I thought would give me the most difficulty transitioning to the Chi Running style/program/forms.

I am working it and have secretly been attempting to work it into my running even before this week. I have had mixed results and today was no different. However, it is like any new skill, it is going to take time, repetition and retraining the muscle memory. It will take some more time – which isn’t a bad thing.

I did have the perfect reverse progression run – each mile split was slower than the last one

It was a good run and the Kismet 2’s did okay in the slime – that front lug does dig in pretty good.

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