An Early 5.0 – RunLog

Tomorrow is supposed to be rather on the nasty side and I do not enjoy running on the Middle Road when it isn’t clear, so I decided to run my Friday Five (the Middle Road Loop) today instead. Since today was clear, mid 20’s and best of all no wind, it was a better day to run a little longer.

Week 4 Day 4 – Still working it.

The Passive Lower Leg

Form Focuses: The “C” Shape and Heels up, knees down

I still did the Form Intervals, alternating focusing on these two primarily, while keeping up the cadence. Which I found more difficult to do going down hills than I did any other place. Which I find a little strange, because before all this form improvement, I was a much better downhill runner than I feel that I am now. I know it will come, but at the same time going down hills doesn’t feel quite right anymore.

Otherwise the fun felt good.

The first and second miles were comfortable, the third mile has that hill before the school – lots of fun. Plus I had to play ditch runner a few times due to traffic, but once I got off the Middle Road and hit that little bump by the Town Office, I had slowed down, but was keeping the cadence up, which is what I am supposed to do.

Mile four I was getting tired and then the combo of Blake and Stevens Hills on mile five kicked butt.

Still I was able to come in with a 8:30 pace without getting out the harder push until I got to Stevens Hill, where I had to bear down, suck it up a little to maintain a good cadence and just keep plugging along.

Enjoying the great outdoors

I was happy with the average cadence at 173 SPM, in that 170-180 range that Chi Running is looking for. So I am not really concerned about cadence, it is more getting that so-called passive lower leg – not engaging the muscles of the lower leg and getting the lean right. The heel lift is okay, low knees okay until I need to force the issue going up a tough hill then I pretty much revert back to my old way to get up and over.

Overall, a pretty nice run where I kept the effort pretty consistent until I hit the lower gate.

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