A Nice 3.0 – RunLog 12/1/17

It is hard to believe that today is the first day of December!

Which means I get to say happy birthday to my sister 🙂

Well the forecast was a tad off, it did rain overnight, but had stopped by the time we got up and the run was actually pretty comfortable. High 30’s and just a slight breeze, meant that I overdressed, but that is okay today’s run was not about speed or pushing. It was simply to put a few miles in and recover a little from yesterday’s tougher 5.0 miler.

Even though the paces may have been similar they couldn’t have been more different runs. Today I was having to hold myself back from running faster, whereas yesterday I had to push a bit more to get that pace. The courses are that much different. Sometime I think that coaches and runners forget to take into account the courses that are being run versus simply saying that such and such a pace is at the recovery level. I have a feeling it is more about the effort levels that are actually being used that what paces you are running.

If you are running recovery “level” paces and the course has a bunch of nasty hills are you actually doing a recovery run? In my opinion you probably are not.

But hey, who am I, just some nobody up heah in nowhereland :-).

Either way, I had what I perceived to be a nice easy run. I didn’t look at the watch until after I finished and was pretty surprised to see a sub 8:30 pace feeling this easy. It does seem that since I have and still am working at improving my running efficiency a bit, that running doesn’t hurt as often and that the paces are faster with less dare I say effort.

Three laps on Philbrick are fairly flat and I maintained a nice 170 spm for a cadence.

So I was pretty happy with it.

Now to get ready for my long run tomorrow. You know something I am looking forward to it and I can’t say that I have felt that way in quite a while. Long runs for a long time were something that I endured the many aches and pains that were so often a daily part of my running. Now that I am running a LOT more comfortably, I am looking forward to seeing how it goes tomorrow.

I suppose one of these weekends I am going to have to find a local 5K, just to see where I am – kind of a small test. Not a full-out race, but more of a time trial where I give a good effort without going into the hurt locker too far.

November 2017 – A Quick Look Back

November was a blur…lately it seems as though every month is a blur and probably will be for a while yet.

My favorite photo this month:

I am back in the Apple silo again. My old ASUS flip laptop finally stopped working and couldn’t be resurrected. Which meant that my Christmas gift suddenly had to be pressed into service – the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 with a Zagg Rugged Messenger Bluetooth keyboard. I will not say it is the best computer I have ever used, but it is a pretty fantastic little device that does just about everything that I want from my computer now. You can read more about it here.

I am getting used to the mobile way of doing things, versus legacy computing. There are differences and they are not better or worse for the most part – just different. However, the one thing that I really thought would bother me, has not been an issue – the lack of a mouse or trackpad. I acclimated quickly to the touch screen, stylus and keyboard shortcuts to move the cursor around.

Lancaster trips are now simply drive over, make sure everything is as it should be, stopping by to talk with people we need to talk with and then driving back – all in the same day. Those trips rather suck, especially now that the weather is starting to get into the wintry mix stuff that really ain’t a lot of fun when driving through the Western Mountains (especially, the Rt. 2 pass just outside of Gotham by Mt. Washington – it get pretty nasty). Hopefully, December brings those long travel days to a close and we can begin the work of really moving on with the rest of our lives and not have the anxiety/worry about what is happening three plus hours away

The biggest pain in the butt during the month was losing power for 5 days and our generator dying (see the photo below with Bennie). Luckily a friend loaned us his generator the last couple of days, which saved the freezer contents and made life a bit more bearable. It did make up our minds about going out and buying a generator, which we had to special order from Home Depot. Our generator is now ready for the next power outage that seems to be occurring more often in our aging electrical infrastructure.

Running Choices

A lot of choices were made in my running during November.

However, the biggest one was to not run with Bennie anymore. More to reduce the number of injuries that I seem to accumulate when I do run with him. Coach Bennie is a big believer in all-out sprinting for interval training and my old body just ain’t up to that task anymore. Which results in parts of me, getting twisted, pulled and torn – which results in too much time away from running.

Bennie doesn’t understand and some days attempts to get me into something more than the walking we now do together. At the same time, a couple of times that I have gotten a little too froggy and attempted to run with him for a short ways – he really wasn’t all that interested either. So I would say it is a combination of both of starting to get a bit long in the tooth. He seems happy enough with walking 2-4 miles a day. Although he does get upset when I leave him at the house to go for my run.

Chi Running Chi Running – Thoughts After a Month is still a large part of my running and I am in the fourth week of the beginners half marathon training plan – half-way through the technique training section. I am not going to say that it is an easy or effortless way to run, but I am running well and don’t have many of the usual aches and pains that I dealt with on a daily basis before I started using it. I am making good progress in some areas and in others, let’s just say I am a work in progress. However, I do think I have made some solid steps forward to running more injury-free.

I am on a big kick to simplify things with my running and as I discussed in my Simplifying My Running After Age 60 post, some things gotta change.

When I put together that mind map (updated above), it showed how convoluted my running had gotten and it also quickly identified a bunch of things that I can do right now to simplify things. So I have streamlined how I log my runs and what tools are being used to do it, which you can read about here.

There will be a few more posts on my progress and attempts get things back under control. It is more that I would add something here or there and never take away something that I replaced, which resulted in duplication of effort or stuff. It was time to step back, look at things and make the choices that needed to be made.

Oh yeah, I did run in November. Actually I ran quite well and mostly pain-free which is such a difference from what I have dealt with over the past couple of years. Where going out the door for a run meant that I just sucked it up and ran on whatever was bothering that day. You will never know how much I dealt with that stuff and am so glad that it seems that I no longer have to.

While I didn’t quite make 100 miles for the month, I was able to get into the 90’s, which meant that I almost tripled my October total.

I still have some cleaning up to do on the spreadsheet’s transition over to Number from Google, but it will get done.

When it came to running shoes, it was basically running in the Newton Kismet 2’s (50 Mile Review) and that’s it. I may have run in something else a few times, but primarily I ran in the Kismet’s because they are comfortable, give me feedback when I am not running with my feet pointing fairly straight forward and my feet do not hurt when I get done. To be blunt – they just work well for me.

Overall, November was a good month for running, making decisions that will simplify life for me a bit going forward. All good things as I keep working on living life the best ways possible :-).