A Nice 3.0 – RunLog 12/1/17

It is hard to believe that today is the first day of December!

Which means I get to say happy birthday to my sister 🙂

Well the forecast was a tad off, it did rain overnight, but had stopped by the time we got up and the run was actually pretty comfortable. High 30’s and just a slight breeze, meant that I overdressed, but that is okay today’s run was not about speed or pushing. It was simply to put a few miles in and recover a little from yesterday’s tougher 5.0 miler.

Even though the paces may have been similar they couldn’t have been more different runs. Today I was having to hold myself back from running faster, whereas yesterday I had to push a bit more to get that pace. The courses are that much different. Sometime I think that coaches and runners forget to take into account the courses that are being run versus simply saying that such and such a pace is at the recovery level. I have a feeling it is more about the effort levels that are actually being used that what paces you are running.

If you are running recovery “level” paces and the course has a bunch of nasty hills are you actually doing a recovery run? In my opinion you probably are not.

But hey, who am I, just some nobody up heah in nowhereland :-).

Either way, I had what I perceived to be a nice easy run. I didn’t look at the watch until after I finished and was pretty surprised to see a sub 8:30 pace feeling this easy. It does seem that since I have and still am working at improving my running efficiency a bit, that running doesn’t hurt as often and that the paces are faster with less dare I say effort.

Three laps on Philbrick are fairly flat and I maintained a nice 170 spm for a cadence.

So I was pretty happy with it.

Now to get ready for my long run tomorrow. You know something I am looking forward to it and I can’t say that I have felt that way in quite a while. Long runs for a long time were something that I endured the many aches and pains that were so often a daily part of my running. Now that I am running a LOT more comfortably, I am looking forward to seeing how it goes tomorrow.

I suppose one of these weekends I am going to have to find a local 5K, just to see where I am – kind of a small test. Not a full-out race, but more of a time trial where I give a good effort without going into the hurt locker too far.

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