Don’t Mind The Interruption – RunLog 12-4-17

Today was, yeah, another one of those days.

Having this kind of view, does help even things out though.

Everything started out pretty typical, you know that mile walk with Bennie to start things off, then moving on to the 3.0 miler after breakfast and then getting geared up, all set to go for a nice 5.0 miles before down-back became a slimy mud pit. I got about 100 yards down the road and my phone goes off.

Now, to be honest, I hardly ever get phone calls anymore, except for the bogus marketing pain-in-the-arse things, so when I stopped to check the number (which I do before answering), it had a Waterville number. Now we have been waiting on a part for the Transit so I figured it was the Ford dealership calling to setup an appointment.

It wasn’t.

It was Houle’s – we had an appointment for that afternoon to get the furnace cleaned and serviced. They were calling to see if they could come now. In Maine – in December it is pretty important to ensure that your furnace is ready for winter and when the repair people call, you don’t screw around with them. Of course you can come to work on my furnace a few hours earlier.

Change of plans, not gonna get that run in right now.

Mary had started a bit earlier and I had seen that she had gone the other way for her morning run, so I wandered down the road and saw her up ahead and eventually caught up with her. I told her that Houle’s would be here in probably a half hour, so we needed to get ready. She was on her last lap, so we finished up together.

Now Bennie is over-protective of the house, so when we have people coming to work on it, I usually try to take him for a jaunt someplace else. Otherwise he just barks the entire time they are here and it gets pretty annoying. Plus I had planned on a bunch of errands that needed to get done. Just the routine stuff that takes time out of doing other things that we could get done.

You know

  • Getting a dump sticker for the Transit
  • Getting new windshield wipers for the Ranger
  • Stopping at the Ford dealership to see if the part was in and make an appointment

After getting that stuff done, we still had some time to kill, servicing the furnace takes about 2 hours, so Bennie and I got to do a hike over at Inland Hospital trails.

Lots of leaves on the ground made for some slippery going in places, but for the most part the Newtons did fine, but I would not want to run those trails in them, not enough grip and I don’t feel like kissing the earth. We walked.

Although we did meet a woman who was letting her black German Shepherd run loose and gave me a bit of grief when I told her that Bennie wasn’t friendly to other dogs. She asked if he was on a leash and I replied that he was and I asked (knowing full well that her’s was not) if her’s was also.

She sniffed and said I don’t need to leash my dog he will stay with me and is friendly. I just said hmmm that seems like a bit of double-standard and I asked if she would leash her dog. She grabbed her dog’s collar and yelled at me “I don’t have to leash my dog, he behaves”. I responded very loudly, “Lady, there is a leash law in Waterville, please obey it.” and she walked off in a huff.

I chuckled and Bennie and I walked off up the trail in the other direction. She sure did get her knickers in a knot, I could hear her muttering and talking loudly to her dog about me in no uncertain terms. I just laughed.

I will be the first to admin that I am or can be a bit of prick when comes to people and their unleashed dogs. I have been bitten four times by “friendly” dogs when walking and running and to be blunt I ain’t all that into getting bit again. And I sure as hell ain’t gonna let them go after Bennie.

Just leash those “friendly” dogs when you see other dogs or people as a common courtesy to others. Who knows a having your dog on a leash for 2-3 minutes, might just save you having to pay hospital bills or more, if your dog decides to take a chunk out of me or least attempts to.

People need to have their dogs under control or be leashed if they do not respond to their owner’s voice command immediately.

Oh well, just another morning in Maine.

I did get back in time for a nice lunch and nap.

Week 5 – Day 1

Sorry I don’t have the ability to do this week’s focus (Adding Fluidity to your form), this is one I need instruction on before attempting to do.

Instead I will focus on Cadence and the lower leg again

Form Intervals

I used the Chi Running app to help get my cadence up to the 180 spm recommended. Although going through the first 3/4 of mile down-back was a bit tough with the mud slime on top of the frozen gravel road. However, I made it through and for the most part kept up a decent cadence. Although I think for the rest of the week I will not have the helpful hints turned on and just have the cadence beat blaring in my ears. Every time the app would stop the cadence and give a helpful hint, I know that I lost it and then had to get back the 180spm.

Initially, I was only going to go to Notta Road (my 5.0 mile course turnaround point), but when I got there I was feeling pretty good and decided to make it a 10K run this afternoon (and total of 7.0 miles for the day). I wasn’t pushing the pace, felt strong and only that spot in my lower right back was discussing how grand an idea this running shit was. Otherwise, nothing bothered unless I started to loose my form.

Like the left Achilles started to tighten up and now that has become a signal that I am toeing off too much and that I need to lift more and stop the toe-off.

Otherwise it was one of those runs where you just focus on the work you need to do and keep going until you finish. Which I did.

Cadence was 171 for the run, which I do not believe would have been that high if I hadn’t used the metronome, but at the same time, it is pretty close to what I run with it. So my natural cadence seems to end up somewhere around 170. Which ain’t too bad.

Then after running, my beautiful wife commented that I had a certain aroma about me that she had noticed before. I blamed it on the my old (3 year old winter undershirt) and when I took it off and gave it the old sniff test…well let’s just say I didn’t need to sniff for very long. It is sitting out beside the back steps waiting for a trip to the shed for a trip to the transfer station.


and to be honest, I had thought about getting rid of it the last time I ran in it, but I like it a lot and it is a favorite winter base layer, but its time had come to not go back into the running clothes drawer.

Of course, I thought that I smelled like a rose after taking off the shirt, but again my bride informed me otherwise.

So when I had to chop onions for the next half hour to get them ready for dehydrator, it wasn’t a big deal, though the eyes did water a bit. From the opinions, not my B.O. 😉

Yeah, just another day in the life.

Busy is as busy does. It will be nice to slow down again someday, but then again…I have a feeling I would be bored if did too much.

Yet Another Week – Week In Review 12-3-17

It seems that the weeks just blend together sometimes and this one was one that I seemed busy as hell all week, but I don’t really remember what I was busy doing.

Yeah, I will just call it “one of those weeks”.

My favorite photo from the week:

The Androscoggin River as seen from the Rumford Boat Launch last Wednesday.

One thing that I am finding out is that I am loving my iPad Pro 10.5 setup. Now I haven’t learned all there is to know about IOS or the iPad, but it is definitely fitting quite well into the way I do things and how I see myself using a computer going forward. I just wish that Never Winter Nights was available for IOS. Baldur’s Gate is okay, but not exactly what I am looking for. Oh well I will find a decent RPG game one of these days that will occupy my time at night. 🙂

Although for most of the week, it seemed like Mary or I were always on the go. Yeah, the weekly trip to NH, worrying about this or that, then doing this or that. Even though my calendar and Reminders list doesn’t have a lot of stuff in them – it still felt like another screech week.

Gotta take time to slow down and smell the coffee a bit more. After all, isn’t that a part of what this retirement thing is all about? Sometimes it seems as if we are busier now than before we retired.

Oh well, enough whining and complaining about where the time went and how freaking busy we are, how did my week in running go?


I had a very good week at just over 25 miles. I am purposely keeping the brakes on and not attempting to run too much, too soon. You know the way that I usually do things. I am running well, staying in the 8:25 to 9:00 minute pace area for most runs with a nice kick at the end of some runs (not all).

That pace area just seems very comfortable for me and while some might say I don’t have enough differentiation between runs – that is not the purpose of my training right now. All I am attempting to accomplish over the 2-3 months is establish a good mileage foundation without breaking anything and continuing to improve my running efficiency (form) by using the Chi Running program. Which means running comfortably for me – not according to some chart or software program.

No, it might not be slow enough to make serious improvements and certainly not fast enough to get my race pace up where I really would like it, but it is a comfortable pace that is helping me feel better about my running.

The other thing is that I am not obsessing about running seven days a week and surprisingly I am finding that five days a week seems to be working good in the colder weather. Having taking Wednesday and Sunday off for a couple of weeks feels about right for my present fitness level. Could I run more miles – probably, but at the same time what purpose would it serve.

None that I can see right now.

Although I would like to find a 5K to run before the end of the year, just to get a good baseline on where I actually am.

The weeks are flying by and this week has a lot on the agenda and hopefully this will be one of the last weekly trips to NH – at least that is what we believe, but like everything else this last six month, I will believe it when it happens.

All I can say is that I hope and pray that 2018 is a lot less busy than the last half of 2017.

However, it will be what it will be.