A Bit Slimy Down-Back – RunLog 12-5-17

Week 5 – Day 2

Focuses – Cadence and Posture.

I got the run in before the rains are supposed to be here, which is nice. Running in the rain, when it is in the 30’s just ain’t that much fun, so I was glad about that. Although by the time that I did to go running the road down-back was starting to get a little slimy. In some sections it would cake up on the bottom of my shoes and then when I got to another solid section it would clump off.

Not the most wonderful way to run, but I made it through the slime.

I did use the Chi Running app’s metronome set to 180 spm. I thought that I was doing pretty decent with it, but when I looked at my average cadence it still came in at 170 spm. Which is right around where I am most of the time even without the metronome. It wasn’t until I kicked coming back the last part that I seemed to match up perfectly with the metronome. I seem to be settled in right around 170 spm and only kick it up when I speed up the pace.

So this is going to be one of those challenges for me. However, I do sort of like running with the metronome, it does keep me in the moment and doesn’t let me go off into Lala land. Where on a run, I just go away and auto is in at the wheel. I am aware of my surroundings, but not really there, but I just keep on running – if that makes any sense.

My posture is getting much more automatic and I don’t have to think as much about keeping my feet straight, leveling my hips, getting a little lean on and keeping the arm swing short and to the back.

Overall, just a nice run where I got to work on some stuff, focused on finishing and felt pretty good after I got done. These kind of runs are what I really need right now. Mileage makers where nothing really hurts and am getting the body back in reasonable shape.

Now to get under 160, so I can really start working on getting under 150 pounds.

It will happen, just will take a few months.

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