Bondi 5’s on the Treadmill – RunLog 12-6-17

First thing on the agenda was going to see the Vampires at Togus. Not my favorite thing in the world to do, but something I deal with every couple of years to stay “in the system” and it gives the Doc’s there something to “talk to me about”. So after walking Bennie, I headed over.

Yep, I dread getting stuck with a needle more than most things I do.

Last time I had a blood draw, it took the guy 6 tries to get blood out of me and I came real close to telling him where else to stick that damn needle as I passed out. Yeah, I am one of those that if they don’t get it right the first time – it can really suck for me and them, because it is a lot more work for them and I feel like shit for a while. It is not just at the VA that this happens, so don’t get the idea that I don’t like them there, because I do.

Giving blood and me just ain’t a good combo.

So I wasn’t thrilled about doing this, but it is part of the deal and I kind of weaseled out of it my last physical and figured Doc Linehart wouldn’t be too impressed if I did it again. I went in, took my number, waited about 15 minutes and when the young lady called my number.

I quietly told I have a history of passing out when they draw blood. The eyes got big and it turned into a bit of a deal, where she had her partner in crime (after she finished with her blood draw), stop taking others and standby just in case. They pulled the curtain to avoid others seeing me passed out like a stone in the chair, which was unnecessary – thankfully. She done good and got it on the first try and I only got slightly woozy, not a full blown eyes in the back of the head kind of thing. A little cranberry juice and about 3 minutes and I was back on my feet again.

Then easy part of the test – pee in the cup. I managed that without any assistance or problems. Hehehehee

I can chuckle about it now, but my anxiety level has been up just a wee bit due having to study for this blood draw test or is it perviserate over having to have it done to me.

Well, it is over and now for the stress/anxiety of having to go see a doctor.

Yeah, I am a real head case don’t like going to see doctors anymore than I enjoy having Vampires stick me with needles. Unless I have broke something, screwed something up pretty badly (something that will probably need surgery) or have a cut that needs stitches – even then I tend to wait until I have no choice in the matter, so I will be a mess until after next Tuesday.

Once there I will politely listen to what he says, disagree with most of what he wants me to do and do my usual. πŸ™‚

Nope, I am not a good patient and we have come to an understanding that bugging me doesn’t really work all that good. The issues are not anything really bad, just a difference in how we see pharmaceuticals being used or not – I am in the not taking them thought (been down that road and the side affects out weigh the benefits in my mind), plus I get the final say in the matter.

Which is something that we have discussed in the past – my getting the final say. Now we are cordial and talk more about running shoes, than my usual medical issues. I will keep coming back every couple of years to do it all over again – until something changes or I stop coming back.

See I am already stressing about next Tuesday…gotta hate it. πŸ™‚

Gotta Go Running

Which meant that I needed a run pretty badly after all that to get rid of some the extra adrenaline that was still floating around in the old body. It was also raining pretty good this morning with the temps in the high 30’s, so not a real enjoyable day for running outside, plus it had rained most of the night so going down-back was not really an option – I am sure it was a mess.

So I headed over to Planet Fitness to beat on the treadmill. As winter gets us more and more into its grip I have a feeling I will be visiting there quite a bit. When I walked through the door the person at the desk, asked where I had been, she has been there a couple of years – it was nice to know that she noticed. We talked for a second and I headed on in.

However, I was not too thrilled about how my Kismet 2’s felt on the treadmill at the 4-5 mile mark last week, so I figured that I would try something different. My Hoka Bondi 5’s. I haven’t worn them, well hardly at all, since I started running in the Kismets back in October. They still had under 10 miles on them (not even broke in yet) and I figured that with the extra cushion, I might do okay with them on the treadmill with my right foot.

I don’t have a clue why the graphs look so squiggly, since it was a pretty straight forward run 7.0 mph and keep increasing the pace throughout. Oh well not a big deal and I am finding that the Garmin 230 on run indoor mode is not all that great – it is close enough and that is about all. Next time I will try the footpod, but it means that I have to run outside in the Bondi 5 with it before it will be semi-accurate on the treadmill.

First mile I wanted to just run easy, so I set it 7.0 mph and cruised along

Second mile – I picked it up to 7.1 mph, kept cruising

Third mile – 7.2 mph still cruising along, although the bottom of my left foot felt a little warm it wasn’t bothering – still breaking in the Bondi I think.

Fourth mile – 7.3 mph to start, still doing the easy progression thing and feeling pretty good. At 3.75, I kicked it up to 7.4 still feeling really strong. It was at this point that I had a brain cramp and decided to make the last mile a little more difficult.

Fifth mile – 7.6 mph felt quick, but not too bad, at 4.25 miles I increased to 7.7 mph and at 4.50 I went to 7.8, I still was feeling pretty froggy so at 4.60 the screen suddenly showed 8.0 mph. Nothing earth shattering and I kept it there to 4.75, when I kicked it up t 8.6 mph. Yep that last quarter mile kick, kicked my butt, but in a good way. I felt good, but would not have wanted to go at that pace for any longer.

When the screen hit 5.0 miles – I was ready to stop. Although my Garmin set on indoor mode had the mileage as 4.57, I will take credit for the full 5.0 – I have a feeling that I earned it. The best part was that nothing felt bad, broke or strained, although the right foot did start to feel a bit tender just at the end it made it to the 5.0 miles without barking at me.

Holy sweat fest – my shirt looked like I had gone swimming and at about 3.0 miles I had to take my glasses off because of the sweat rolling down my face. Which meant that I probably had a decent workout.

The Bondi 5’s did exactly what I wanted from them – they provided enough cushioning to get me through a 5.0 mile treadmill workout and the repetitive motion/landing that my right foot does on them to not bother as much as it does with other shoes. Which means that the Bondi’s will be my treadmill shoes going forward and maybe even work them back into my rotation outside next spring when I stop using the treadmill as much.

A pretty damn decent run and I didn’t even have a cup of coffee or breakfast before I ran – which did surprise me. Most of the time when I run before either, I have had some pretty crappy runs. I guess the Vampires did a good enough job getting rid of the extra blood in there which allowed the adrenaline to dissipate as well during the run.

Just glad that blood draw is over though – even though they did good today, still hate those needles. πŸ™‚