Long Run Before the Storm – RunLog 12-9-17

I wasn’t really sure about how or what I would end up doing today for a run, when I left the house to drive to Waterville around 11:00 AM. I was not feeling all that into a long run and while the temps were not crazy cold and it wasn’t all that windy, it was still below freezing. However, the good thing was that the snow wasn’t supposed to start until after 2:00 PM, so it gave me plenty of time to get a run in.

Everyone takes a photo of the first snow of the year, thankfully it was after my long run was done :-). I know by the end of this month I will have had my fill of snow.

On the way to Waterville, I thought about the different options and decided run past Lawrence (where I used to work) from the Alfond Youth Center and coming back around the Champions 10K route. So I had an idea of where and now it came down to what. I figured that the loop would be about 8.0 miles with a couple places that I could change things up to get more or less if I felt like crap or felt wonderful.

I must felt wonderful today, because I didn’t turn-off at the many different opportunities I had and kept running. Well I won’t say wonderful, but nothing got in the way of me having a pretty darn decent long run.

I started out slowly and then kept a pretty steady pace up until I got to the I-95 Bridge in Fairfield, where that hill is a little deceptive. I knew it would get me (I have run it many times before) and then the hill on Ridge Road was a bit of slog to get up. It is called Ridge Road for a reason.

Once I got up on that, it was pretty much downhill or just a few bumps to the finish. So I picked up the pace again in that area and actually thought about going for double-digits for the second time this year.

I kind of surprised myself when I took the left to add a couple more miles on when I got to Elm Plaza, I had thought about a necessary pit stop at McDonalds, but at that moment, I must have been in a lull – it didn’t last. About the only thing that bothered me on the entire run was that I had to find a rest room and none were readily available (the trees no longer offer enough privacy) and every so often I would cramp up a little, well a lot.

That is the primary reason I slowed down a bit the last two miles, that urge to purge would hit and I would battle back against it. We’ve all been there and done that so it is just one of those things that runners deal with sometimes.

Other than that little thing, I was feeling pretty good, the legs felt fine, although the soles of the feet haven’t toughened up enough for longer running yet – but they are getting better than they were.

Today was also the day I was supposed to have done the Millinocket Half Marathon, but a few weeks ago when they asked for confirmation of coming, I wasn’t ready to commit to run 13.1 miles, when in October, running a mile was a big deal and my long runs were still around 6.0 miles when they asked. So I bowed out of that race, which is too bad, because I did want to do it, but I wasn’t sure that the old body would be up to it yet.

Well today, I really think that I could have done Millinocket, probably in the overall scheme of things, I made the correct choice. However, sometimes making the correct choice is not the choice you wish you had made, especially when I was able to do 10.0 miles at just under a 9:00 minute pace today.

Oh well, next year.

When I got back to the AYC, I got to catch up with Matt K, a teacher from my days at Goodwill Hinckley. He is doing great and looked very happy with his family. Matt always was one of the good guys at GWH, it was nice to see that he is doing well.

Overall, I was very happy with how everything felt for the run except for that gotta go feeling. I have a feeling for my meal before a race, I probably will not do pizza, a beer and chips along with a cookie frosting sandwich (modified whopping pie). I have a feeling that probably ain’t the right things to keep my gut happy during a race.

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