Nice and Cozy Treadmill Run – RunLog 12-12-17

Well, let’s just say the weather outside was a bit nasty and I decided that this winter instead of beating my head or arse against the pavement, that when the weather is nasty or in the teens or below that the treadmill would be my friend.

Also I had my doctor’s appointment. I was nervous as hell about that, I just don’t like doctor’s offices – sick people go there. I ain’t sick, well maybe in the head from time-to-time, but if nothing is broken I stay away as much as possible. I studied hard for this visit and and according to the doc I passed everything with flying colors, nothing has changed that shouldn’t. I even volunteered to get my Tetanus shot and you know how much I “love” getting needles poked in my body. I was really proud of my blood pressure 124/70, after a summer of eating stress for most of it and how much I usually wind myself up before going to the doctor’s office.

Then he showed me something called the theracane. I gotta look it up, but he said he uses it himself at home (he is a former runner and now cycles) for his aches and pains for self-massage. I used it for a few seconds on my shoulder and holy crap, it got into the muscle deeply and quickly – just what I have been looking for.

Getting back to running.

This morning there wasn’t a lot for snow accumulation, but it was pretty nasty, so inside I went.

I purposely started a little slower keeping it at 7.0 mph for the first couple of miles and increased it from there. The last couple of miles were probably the best running I have done in a while both mentally and physically. Nothing hurt and I was able to fight through that point where I always give in to my mind wanting to hang on. Today I got through it and pushed all the way to the end.

I tried using the footpod and that registers way too fast compared to the treadmill. So I have to find a way to manually calibrate the FR230 to the footpod and sync it up to what the treadmill reads. It shouldn’t be that difficult, but finding the correct procedure is a pain.

I ran in the Hoka Bondi 5’s for the second day in a row and today, they did not bother my forefoot at all, they felt very comfortable, just a bit heavy (which is probably a good thing on the treadmill). This was the first run that I was actually really happy with how the Bondi’s worked for me. I have a feeling that they are one of those shoes that need 30-40 miles just to break them in properly. After all they are thicker and more cushioned than most of the shoes that I have run in, including other Hokas. We will see.

I was much happier running in my shorts and a t-shirt than running outside in that mess.

Yes, the treadmill is my friend.

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