Another Treadmill Kind of Day – RunLog 12-14-17

I tend to gauge where I am going to run based a lot on how my morning walk with Bennie goes. This morning 2.0 miles out in single-digit stuff convinced me that one of the treadmills at Planet Fitness was going to get some work. When my face hurts at the end of a walk, I tend to bring it inside.

Yeah, it even looks cold in this photo and there is a lot of white ice down back and still an awful lot of ice on the road in front of the house, so while it was mostly clear and well sanded, moving to the side of the road was still a bit treacherous.

So off to the treadmill, I trundled – after clearing some of paths and stuff from Tuesday’s combo snow/ice storm that I didn’t get a chance work on yesterday, when we had to get over to NH. So the workout before the workout.

The treadmill was one of those runs where I set it on 7.0 mph and left it there for 5.0 miles. Then I got off the treadmill and came straight home. Yeah, nothing thrilling about the run, nothing really hurt (the bottoms of my feet still ain’t crazy about the treadmill yet) and I just ran.

I did figure out how to calibrate the FR 230 with the footpod and got it pretty close compared to where it was the last time. I put the calibration factor at 90% and came within .18 of 5.0 miles. So I will set it on 86% and see how close that comes out next time. It would be nice to have it be fairly close to what the treadmill says I am doing.

Oh yeah, we did go over to Lancaster yesterday. Which was pretty not a fun drive. The remnants of the ice/snow storm on Tuesday, still had the roads pretty nasty and then once we got to Gotham, it was still snowing pretty hard and going out of Gorman on Rt 2, just below Mt. Washington was not all that much fun – either way. Luckily, the snow wasn’t really sticking too bad and it was all snow, so the roads were pretty decent, but you had to pay attention and keep things slower than usual.

We had two reasons, the first that 12-14 inches of white stuff in the driveway had to be cleared out completely. It made for a bit of interesting fun getting into the driveway, but the Ranger made it without any issues and only slid a little. Luckily, Lancaster didn’t get any of the rain that we did and it was all nice fresh powder. Which made moving the snow around with my scoop a lot easier.

Secondly, we finished removing the contents of the house. It is now officially empty and if all goes right tomorrow is the big day. Which will means another trip over to Lancaster, but it will the last one for a while.

Overall, while it was a pretty chilly kind of day, we got a lot done yesterday and today, now on to the rest of week.

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