Feeling a Bit Lighter – RunLog 12-16-17

Well I got a run in outside finally. 21*F with a feels like of 13*F is runnable, not enjoyable, especially when the breeze in your face, but better than it has been most of the week. Although down-back was still mostly white ice and Tiffany had stretches of salted ice, as long as you paid attention to what you were doing and didn’t try for a new land speed record, things were not that bad.

Let’s back up a bit to talk about yesterday and then yak about my latest run.

Yesterday was a forced day-off, another drive to New Hampshire, but for a very good reason. We closed on the house over there and no longer have to go over once-a-week!!! It has been a long haul (in more ways than one), with lots of emotional ups, downs and all arounds. However, that part of our lives will now fade into another memory and the house is now legally someone else’s responsibility.

It does mean that we get some measure of our life back and hopefully can get into a decent routine, where we can start to focus on other things, including our health and not always have what is happening three hours away, always be in the back of our minds. The house being gone, is definitely a huge source stress gone from our lives.

Today, I chanced running on the white ice, but the edges and the center had decent grip and as long as I didn’t attempt to run fast, running in the Gravities was fine. I had to check them out on this stuff and the big front lug does a pretty good job of digging in like a big cleat. Which is good to know for down the road, although I would use something different in really nasty weather.

I did start out pretty slow, just to see how things were going to be and then on Tiffany picked things up again, until I got back on the white ice. I felt fine the entire run and thought about doing a little more, but decided that 5.0 was enough. Even though I was dressed properly, I started to feel chilled coming back up Stevens Hill and only wanted to do one more.

A pretty nice run, although it seemed as though I ran a little lighter – maybe because there is less weight on my shoulders.

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