Another Treadmill Kind of Day – RunLog 12-18-17

Seems to be getting pretty repetitive saying that I went to the gym, ran on the treadmill x number of miles, did my body weight routine and came home. There has to be more to it than that!

Nope that is all there is today.

I could stop there and it would be a pretty good indicator of my run this morning…but of course I won’t.

I went up back and found out that the neighbor who is doing firewood up there has blocked off the snowmobile trail and made the old Quaker Road extension pretty much unwalkable with the Skidder tracks. He is going to make more than a few people unhappy with him I have a feeling.

Bennie’s morning walk…where he is learning if he goes into limping mode that I will ask if he wants to go home, we turn around and suddenly all is right with the world. Darn dawg! It was still 13*F when I finished walking with him and it felt cold. Some days it ain’t as bad, but today, it just felt damn cold and yes, 13*F with a bit of wind chill is cold in my book.

No running for me outside – yet again.

When I got to the gym it was pretty busy, but I had time to do my warm-up and still find a couple of treadmills empty when I came out. The girl beside me was kind enough to tell me that the belt of the treadmill (beside her) I was on slipped too much for running (I guess I must look somewhat like a runner) or else I had some bad B.O. going on already and she didn’t want me beside her. 🙂

I planned on running 5.0 or so, depending how the bottoms of my feet felt. I set the treadmill at 7.0 mph and just kept going until 3.0 miles when I popped it up to 7.1 mph for the next 2.75 miles. Yeah I ended up doing 6.0 miles. The last quarter was at 8.6 mph and overall I felt pretty good. Although the bottom of my feet did start to act up at about 4.0 miles, but not enough to stop. It really isn’t anything that is all that serious, because as soon as I stop running, the sensation goes away. I really think it is taking a long time for these insoles to get broken in for my feet.

Just keep plugging along.

I did have to chuckle because when I finished, a different girl beside me on the treadmill that supposedly slipped was doing the same workout as me “gave me a high 5”. We talked for a bit and I asked her if the treadmill had “slipped” at all during her workout. Nope.

So I don’t know for sure what was going on, but it wasn’t a treadmill technical issue — it must have been my charming old guy looks and B.O. was pretty bad before I even started to workout. Oh well, I just chuckle about it, but if I do see the young lady running on the treadmill next time, I will purposely run beside her and take a chance that the belt on my treadmill might “slip”. Hehehehe crotchety old bastard that I have become.

Yeah, other than getting a couple of inches of snow this afternoon, it has been a pretty quiet day – it was actually kind of relaxing and nice.

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