A Pretty Good Couple of Days – RunLog 12-20-17

Yesterday, I ran an easy 3.0 outside, I have been running way too much inside on the treadmill and just needed to get out and do an outside run. However, I had to wait until later in the afternoon due to having to get the snowblower out and working on the driveway in the morning. Not anything all that significant – 3-5 inches of powder, but it needed to get moved out of the driveway and let the roads get cleared to the point where I felt it was fairly safe to run on.

By the afternoon, the center of the road was fairly clear, but wet. Temps were mid 20’s (a freaking heatwave) with a slight breeze out of the south. Runnable as long as there wasn’t a lot of traffic and I got lucky and only met one vehicle during the entire run!

Just a decent run, where I had to stop running more due to having to fight cramps and finding a bathroom than being tired. Too much fruit and veggies as I change my diet back to healthier choices = more seat time. 🙂

Today I after walking with Bennie and Mary, I headed up to the Newport area, to have lunch with dad and spend some time with him. We had a great lunch at Irving (ate too much and the Coconut Cream pie was delicious) and gabbed about all kinds of things. A good visit.

Then I got to finish up my Christmas shopping, well just about, I have one more thing that I want to get for Mary, but I think that I am pretty much done. Phewww

After that I stopped at Planet Fitness and did a quick 3.0 on the treadmill. Nothing special, but I ran without music or headphones and focused more on running than zoning out. I have a feeling except for really long treadmill run, that I am going to do this more and more. Remain in the present during my runs and pay more attention to what I am doing during my running.

It seemed to work pretty well, I noticed with my right elbow automatically seems to head out to the side, which causes my hands to cross over too much if I am not paying attention – like I am attempting to clear space underneath during a basketball game. Not a good thing when I am running I guess.

Otherwise the Bondi 5’s did fine and only bothered the bottom of my feet a little. What I might do is take the inserts from my Kismet 2’s and put them in the Bondi 5’s to see if it is the insert or just that they are so still inflexible and I am landing more towards my forefoot more than I used to. Which causes the discomfort on the bottom of my feet.

The Bondi 5’s should be broke in fairly well with almost 40 miles on them, so we will see. However, I am not going to keep a pair of shoes in my running rotation if they continue cause discomfort on the bottom of my feet, especially with inserts that I know do not bother me in my other shoes.

And yes, cut it a mile short, due to needing more seat time. It will take a week or two to get the old body re-acclimated to higher volume of fruit and veggies in the diet. Now that we don’t have to worry about sudden long drives, the diet will evolve back to what I was doing back in 2013 and 2014 (before I went back to work). A good thing.

A good day.

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