Running and Visiting – RunLog 12-21-17

It seems that the treadmill and I are going to have a hot and heavy relationship this winter, but as long as I am running decently and don’t fly off the back and bounce off that concrete wall – it’s all good.

I am pretty sure that I could have run outside – the roads were clear, the temps were not stoopid, the breeze reasonable and Mary did her 3.0 miles outside. So it wasn’t like I couldn’t have done a run out in the elements. However, I had something I wanted to try to see if it fixed an issue I was having with my Hoka Bondi 5’s or not, plus I wanted to go into Augusta to finish up some shopping.

So I wimped out on running outside.

First of all Bennie and I did do 2.0 miles down-back and I dug out my screw shoes (my old Pearl Izumi N1 Trails) and tested them out on the white ice. They did fine and didn’t bother my feet too much. The right shoe outside forefoot screw was a bit close to the bottom of my foot, but that is my tender place on that foot, so I wasn’t surprised, but I wouldn’t want to run a real long distance in the shoes because of that.

Another reason that I got out the screw shoes is that Saturday we are expecting a bit of icy rain and I figured that I needed to know if they would bother or not. They will be fine for what I want them for – making things a bit safer walking during and after the ice storm part of the weather prediction.

After that I headed for the treadmill. What I had been thinking about and gotten stuck in my craw was changing out the insoles on the Bondi 5’s with the one’s from my Mizuno Wave Rider 20’s. When I got to looking at the insoles they were very similar in thickness (yeah, I was surprised too) and the Mizuno’s had never bothered my feet like the Hoka are.

After changing out the insoles, when I tried them on, I didn’t really feel any difference in the fit or feel of the Bondi’s, so I had to try them out to see if they felt any better. Sooner than later.

I figured that I would do a quick 5-6 miles and see how it went. Thankfully, at no point during the run, did my feet heat up like they had been in every previous run in the Bondi 5’s. There was still some discomfort at points, but I would adjust my stride slightly and that would go away. I have to run slightly differently in the Hoka’s than I do in the Newton’s, which is a pretty good thing, if you ask me. It forces me to change things up slightly and not run with the same exact stride every run.

When I looked at the clock, I stopped at 5.0 miles. I had done what I wanted to accomplish – the Hoka Bondi 5’s didn’t kill my feet with the different insoles in them. I don’t know what it is about the Hoka insoles, but I found them very uncomfortable for my feet. While not perfect the Mizuno insoles felt 100% better during that treadmill run. It will be interesting to see how they do going forward.

I stopped at 5.0 miles, not because I couldn’t go any further, but because I wanted to go visiting.

Yeah, I decided to go visit my old work, for the first since I left back on June 30th.

A long time ago an old Master Chief gave a young YN3 some great advice. “Never go back to your old duty station (work site), until at least six month has gone by. That way they have had time to forget all your screw-ups, make the changes necessary to do things their way and mostly remember the good things that you did do”. It is advice I have pretty much followed throughout my working life and has served me well. Once you leave on that last day, you are no longer a part of that team, you are an outsider – sometimes we forget that.

I try not to.

It hasn’t quite been six months, but pretty close and I thought that I left with a good reputation intact.

Some people that I wanted to see were not there (vacations), but I got to see quite a few and it was good to catch up with what was happening there. I did have the opportunity to catch up with my old boss and it was a really positive visit, though not all the news was great or what I wanted to hear, it was life moving forward for everyone. I will go back again in a few weeks to touch base with some other people, but after that I will stay away. No one likes former employees making nuisances of themselves at their old work and I have a feeling that I will be busy enough to not be one of those guys.

Mary and I did get some shopping done in the afternoon, but I was glad that I stopped by UMA to see some friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

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