Banishment to the Garage – RunLog 12-22-17

Well I learned quite a bit this week about the Hoka Bondi 5’s and it is enough to put them out in the back of the garage until probably next spring when I try to run in them again to see if the outcome is any different for me.

Let’s back up just a bit.

Over the past couple of weeks, with the weather and colder temps, I have been doing a lot more treadmill runs and I thought it would be the perfect use for the Bondi’s. Lots of cushioning and the repetitive stride that I have on the treadmill didn’t bother my Tailor’s Bunionette too much in them. Unfortunately, most of the runs in them were more uncomfortable than I wanted – primarily due to the bottoms of my feet bothering.

I did figure out the issue and changed out the insoles and that seemed to solve most of that problem.

However, there has been a little nagging niggle in my right lower back, upper hip (in the area that I would call my sciatica) that seems to have gotten much worse since I started running more in the Bondi’s. At the end of most runs in them, it complains a little more, but mostly fades away (not completely though) and I tend to get about my day, without it interfering with anything.

Well today, I had planned on doing 7.0 miles to get the Bondi’s up to 50 miles and do a quick 50 mile review of them. I purposely started out slowly at 6.6 mph and by the time I got to 4.0 miles, I had sped up to 7.0 mph (nothing all that fast) and between 2.0 and 3.0 miles the area started to complain a little – nothing unusual or anything. It has done that on most of the runs the last couple of weeks and went away.

I was even thinking about asking Tyler – the Trainer at PF to video me running on the treadmill to get a good look at my form when he walked by – I’m glad I didn’t.

Unfortunately, a little after the 3.0 mile point, the little nagging niggle had transformed at about three miles into a pissed off something back there. I kept going thinking just a quick spasm or something and it would go away – errr no. I got to 4.0 miles and wondered if I should stop, because it was getting into the other side of uncomfortable. Finally, at 4.2 I decided to shut it down and not tempt fate anymore.

Yeah I could have probably finished off the run, but I had also promised myself that I would not do that anymore. It was just a freaking training run during my winter foundation training time, so not a big deal. So I stopped at that point and went out back and did a bunch of stretching and body-weight work on the mats (part of something I am attempting to do more of).

The lower back is still rather uncomfortable, but the heating pad is helping me with it and I already am fairly certain that I will not be running tomorrow whether I want to or not with the ice storm coming in after the snow that is falling pretty good outside at this point. If things don’t feel right for a few days, I will be a good boy and not push the issue.

So while I am not positive that the Bondi 5’s are the only reason for the pain (wrestling with that damn snowblower probably doesn’t help), but I have a pretty good idea that they are a part of the problem and will retire them to wait and see mode for a while in the back of the garage. I hate to give up on them, because they actually are pretty comfortable and I have run decently on the treadmill in them. However, I have a feeling that their inflexibility is a part of the problem for me.

It just means that I will go to more of a Newton-centric running shoe rotation and that the Gravity 3’s that a certain Bennie ordered for me, will most likely become my go to treadmill shoes and the Gravity 5’s my primary outside shoes, with the Kismet 2’s picking up the slack when needed or for walking around.

Although the U/A Speedtire’s are getting their share of use in the nasty weather for walking.

I have a feeling that maybe I just need to suck it up and do more outside running whatever the weather and forego the treadmill as much.

We will see how the lower back feels in a couple of days.

This is really too bad, because I paid full-price for the Hoka’s, but they have never felt quite “right” and compared to the way the Newton’s feel, there is no comparison about which shoes I believe are more comfortable and work better for me. Sometimes just because you paid lots of money for a pair of running shoes, that you don’t have to keep running and suffering in them. That is where I am with the Bondi 5’s, I want them to work more because they were expensive and hate to think that I wasted that money on yet another pair of running shoes this year.

Oh well, back to the close-outs and specials when I buy running shoes from now on. That way I am not as likely to keep running in shoes, even after I shouldn’t. Sometimes I just do dumb things and get blinded by the dollar signs versus what is actually going on. After all I did chose the shoes, so they were supposed to work for me.

Frustrating, though because I have been running so well over the past couple of months, I don’t want to get back on the injury highway to hell anymore. I just want to run pain-free and enjoy my running.

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