Storms and First Run Newton Gravity 3 – RunLog 12-26-17

Well it sure has been a busy couple of days!!!

Cleaning up after the ice storm on Sunday was probably one of the hardest workouts I have done this year. Needless to say the road conditions and the amount of energy expended meant no running.

Oh yeah yesterday was Christmas.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that you celebrated in style. We a nice lunch and SD2 brought her two cats over from her apartment to spend a couple of nights. Actually, all the critters got along quite well, although Elliott, kept wanting to entertain the two ladies that were visiting. Bennie – he just wanted to eat their food. 🙂

Yesterday, was Christmas – and we got had blizzard conditions and 12-14 inches of the white stuff when it was said and done.

The snow plow got the mailbox again and while we were out cleaning up he went by. While he was getting ready to do the circle, I caught up with him and I let him know that I wasn’t all that happy about it and got exactly what I expected back…blah, blah, blah, well there was a lot of snow, I can’t be held responsible if your mailbox goes down, etc. I know all that but this new guy seems to have it in for mailboxes and after almost every storm there are a bunch of them that he clips.

Yes, I know that they have a damn tough job and I wouldn’t want it for all the tea in China. I used to run the wing on a plow truck for my dad back when he worked for the Town of Newport, so I know that mailboxes are going to go down. However, you could see where he went deep into the side, using my mailbox as a nice guide post coming off the corner and then after he knocked it down, he moved over to the left a foot or so to avoid the neighbors.

I fixed the mail box with a couple of six foot metal fence posts on each side of the mailbox and put three drywall screws to hold the post in place. I will also if a get a chance before the next storm put a brace in the ground to make it more difficult for the “snow” to knock the mailbox over.

I got the impression the driver wasn’t too happy with me calling him out on hitting the mailbox and I expect that my mailbox is going to be a target going forward. However, it was worth it. He knows I am going to call him on it and if it gets too bad, I will take it to his boss or the Town Manager. Either way, next spring I will be putting up a plow proof mail box system.

There venting done.

The cleanup from the Christmas Day “blizzard” just took a long time because there was so much white stuff to move. Another of those having to go over the drive way three times just to get the snow out. So that was another day of not needing to run, although with the amount of “stuff” that I ate, I probably should have. 🙂

First run in the Newton Gravity 3

Yeah, I know they are up to the 6, but Bennie ordered these as a Christmas present back in October and before I got the 5’s. I loved the bright yellow and red color combo and well they were a pretty damn good present. I also got to run in them on the treadmill today.

They felt comfortable, although they did seem to make my feet a bit more tired than other shoes on the treadmill. Which is part of getting used to the design and the POP1 versus the POP2 of the Kismet 2’s that I am more used to. At about 3.5 half miles the feet started to warm-up (not in a good way), but I was only planning on 4.0 and when I got up to speed for the last quarter. They stopped bothering and had very good manners.

There are some differences in feel between the 3’s and 5’s, especially when it comes to the weight. Maybe more on that some other time. Otherwise both are comfortable and will be used a lot for running going forward.

A good Christmas and a lot moving nasty white stuff around. Unfortunately, the temps are going to be sub zero for the next five to six days, which means I will get to know the Gravity 3’s pretty well.

2 thoughts on “Storms and First Run Newton Gravity 3 – RunLog 12-26-17

    1. Whoops…sent before I could finish: it’s a pretty picture, even if the white stuff seems a pain. Sounds also like you need to move a few houses down, so that your mailbox isn’t being used for target practice. 😉

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