Faster, Acupuncture, Damned Cold – RunLog 12-28-17

I will not say that it is cold outside, instead I WILL SAY it is damned cold. We woke up to -16*F without including the windchill and by the time Bennie and I headed out the door, it had warmed up to -15*F. It is pretty bad when you have to dress up as if you are going on an Arctic expedition, just to take your dog outside to do his business.

Needless to say, it didn’t take Bennie very long on any of his walks today. The high at the house turned out to be -1*F, with some nasty wind chills.

The worst part of it all – tonight will be even colder and looking at the extended forecast – well there ain’t too many 20*F days being forecast for the next 10 days.

Which means that me and the Planet Fitness treadmills are getting to know one another quite well.

Yeah, for some reason I didn’t run outside today and once I stepped on the treadmill, I decided that it might even be a good time to rock a faster run. Today was scheduled to be a shorter workout and I haven’t really been doing anything all that fast lately, so it was a good test of where I am.

I put the treadmill on 7.6 mph and just ran. No music, no TV, no real distractions, I just focused on keeping a comfortable stride, feet moving ahead (not sideways), running tall – with a bit of a lean (until I started to get tired and wanged my hand off the bloody heart rate grip). That frigging hurt like a you know what. I shook it out and then went back to it, but I did notice that I held my hands a bit higher after that.

When I got to 2.0 miles I started increasing the speed and since I was feeling froggy or was that foggy, I did a pretty good kick at the end. I got a lot closer to 23:00 than I thought I could, but I always do better on the treadmill and I also know that I am not in sub 23:00 minute shape for the 5K. I will be, not definitely am not yet.

It was my fastest workout in a while and the best part is that I didn’t have any problems finishing it. Although I do have to readjust the calibration on the watch, I have been playing around with it since I changed the footpod to the Gravity 3’s. Yesterday’s 80% was too high and today’s 75% too low, so I have set it for 78% and will see where it lands tomorrow.

Since in all likelihood I will be on the treadmill for the foreseeable future.


Yes, I had an appointment to do, have done to me, or whatever to hell you call it when a professional jabs you with needles in specific areas to help things that go ouchie way too much hopefully go away. Me the guy who passes out when they draw blood or give shots. Imagine that – voluntarily allowing someone to jab me with needles.

MMMM Harold that is going way outside of your comfort zone!!!

Yep, but at the same time it is something that I have always wanted to try, even as scared of needles as I am. I was given the opportunity and I told myself you will regret it if you pass it up. So there I was laying on my back being used as a human pin cushion. 🙂

I don’t think I opened my eyes once during the session and I asked the practitioner to not show me the needles before we started. I trusted that the person knew what the hell they were doing with needles, I didn’t want or need to see them before or after I got stuck by them.

It didn’t hurt, I didn’t pass out, throw-up or anything.

I made it through the session in one piece.

After getting all the needles in place, it was kind of weird, some the feelings and subtle twitches my body made. I know at one point when the practitioner was doing a little adjustment on my right lower back, while the needles were in place, that I teared up and felt something release. It didn’t hurt or anything, but something happened. “They” say that the body retains stuff and it can come out at odd times, this might have been an example of what “they” were talking about.

I really am not sure what Acupuncture actually does, (yeah, I have read about some of the theories), but I know that I felt tired after finishing. It was a deep tired, not just because I had just finished running a good 3.0 miler, it was beyond that. Almost as though I had…hell I can’t put into words what I am trying to say, other than it felt as though I had a long and deep conversation with myself and needed to rest a bit after it was over.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t scared off by the needles and I made another appointment for next week. It will be interesting to see how I feel going forward and how my body reacts to a second session. Oh yeah, got the leg length balanced out a bit too, so that might help out with other stuff.

Overall, a good, but cold day, where I purposely went outside of my comfort zone – this time for a good reason.

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