Still Treadmillin – RunLog 12-29-17

Not much has changed up heah, it is still damn frosty 0*F was the high temp of the day in the yard. We started the morning out at -19*F and then it warmed up a bit. It is really tough to get up the old gumption to do a whole helluva lot outside when it is those kind of temps.

Even Bennie is thinking that this going outside naked stuff might need to change. I have a feeling that tomorrow, I might even try to put an old doggie coat on him and see if he moves at all. He hates things on his back and refuses to go anywhere when wearing something – he likes being naked.

Which meant another day on the treadmill.

It really isn’t that bad and beats having to bundle up so nothing is exposed, not wear my glasses (they fog up), put on my screw shoes (the road is iced over and will not melt) and then go enjoy the great outdoors. Instead I got on the treadmill in shorts and t-shirt for a nice easy pace and kept it there for 4.0 miles. Although if you look at the Strava pace graph you would think I was all over the place. So nothing special happened on the run.

Just puttin miles in.

What I am finding is that I really, really like the Newton Gravity 3’s. They are comfortable, don’t bother my feet and I can run well in them.

The colorway is really a Harold color and to say that I like it would be an understatement. There is an identical pair in the closet today (they arrived this afternoon) and when these wear out, I will be have another pair just like them ready to go.

I did have Tyler the trainer at Planet Fitness video me in slow motion on my iPhone and it really was not what I was expecting to see after working for a couple of months on improving my running with the Chi Running program. Disappointing to say the least, but I have a separate post planned for that. The video was enlightening to say the least.

Below is a screenshot from that video and just in that one photo my footwork is exposed. The right arm was increasing the speed at that point.

Later in the day I did 5.0 miles on the elliptical, just going easy and enjoying “treadmill TV” and I got to run on a “trail” video. They do help, now if I could place my iPad such on the treadmills at Planet Fitness so that I am not dropping my head down to watch it while I run, that would be cool. However, I see me putting in a lot of miles on the elliptical in 2018, since the old body doesn’t do as well with the higher volume that goes along with training for what I would like to do going forward as an old fart.

Gotta be smart too.

Other than that I will just keep whinin about the damn cold and keep running on the treadmill until it gets back in the 20’s. Although, I am getting antsy to run outside again – maybe I will “dress-up” a bit and do 3-4 miles outside this weekend. I know how to run in this kind of and it is more a bit of mind over matter, if I don’t mind, it won’t matter.

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