Still Chilly and Working on Aerobic Capacity – RunLog 12-30-17

Yeah, it’s still damn cold, enough that when I left the house for the gym it was still well below zero. I’ve gotten to the point where I am tired of Bitchin about it and just want it to end – it looks like a week from Monday it “might” break – if you don’t count the snow predicted for Thursday where it may get up to 20*F – a damn regular heat-wave for a day, then back to the ice-box.

So if I want to do stuff outdoors, just gotta suck it up, dress appropriately and do what I got to do.

Which also means my streak of running on the treadmill continues.

It was nice in a way, because one of the neighbors joined PF and we gabbed for a couple minutes before I started running. It was good to catch-up on what’s been happening at her end of the neighborhood.

The run was 7.0 mph for 3.0 miles and then the last mile increasing the speed to the end with a nice last .25 kick. The left calf is a bit tight and has been since Thursday’s acupuncture appointment, so I have been keeping a close tab on how that is feeling. No issues during the run, just tightness.

I did work on making it so I wasn’t reaching forward with my foot and activating the gluteus more during a stride. I felt like I was doing better, but I will keep working at it and take another look at my form in a month to see if the exercises and stuff are making a difference or if I just have to accept that I run like I run and can only tweak small things – I think this old body has too much damn muscle memory to bother messing around with too much.

One thing that I think might help me in the long run is to keep doing the elliptical. It forces me to have a more compact stride and I push downwards with a lean (sound a bit similar to some running stuff I read once or twice) and use my gluteus to go through the stride motion. All without the pounding that I would during a run. We will see if any of this extra work pays off or not. Although adding 8.23 miles of elliptical work to my running will help with the aerobic capacity building – well at least that is the hope.

Overall, a good day of getting chores done and getting in my aerobic conditioning. However, if this weather keeps up, it is going to be a loooonnnngggg winter and all too much time spent on indoor stuff and not enough time on outside fun. Who knows I might just get the snowshoes out and bundle up a bit for some fun in the sun – even if it is forecast to be subzero temps.