Last Run of 2017 – RunLog 12-31-17

The last run of 2017, was a quick 3.0 mile treadmill run.

Sure I could have gone up to Bangor or down to Portland to run in one of the end of year races. I chose not to, it is just too cold for me right now – other runners in the area are a LOT tougher than I am and competed in those events or others this morning. Good on them and in a way I am jealous, but not enough to head outside to run anytime soon.

Yeah, it was still -7F when I left the house, with a nasty breeze bringing the wind chill down a lot closer to -20F, not fun to be outside in.

Looking back at my log, I haven’t run outside since December 19th. Yeah, it has been that cold out there.

A lot of people were at the gym with me, only one treadmill was available when I started to run. I almost allowed myself to get caught up in my ultra competitive self and match the guy that was running at 7.6 mph. Instead I was a good boy and started out at 7.1 mph which is the speed I went into the workout planning to do.

Although I did keep peeking over at his treadmill to see what he was doing, then suddenly at 1.0 mile he stopped. Okay, his plan was very different than mine was. So I kept on running along and moved the speed up a notch at 1.0 mile, then at 2.0 miles I decided to increase the speed by .1 every tenth of a mile until the last .25 and then I picked it up pretty good.

I felt good during the entire run and just enjoyed running, without any pressure once the guy beside me stopped. I really wanted to put it on 7.7 mph and “show” him that an old fart could still run. Harold, he really doesn’t give a rat’s arse what you are doing or thinking. Get your head focused on what you are doing, not what someone else is doing on the treadmill beside you. ;-).

I am such a silly old fart sometimes.

Although I really do want to go to Camden to run in that 5K tomorrow morning, but with the forecast for temps to be in stoopid range, the wife has just about convinced me that I should go ahead and keep the treadmill streak alive. Bah humbug.

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